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indented by the pressure of the teeth. The gums and internal
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half an ounce of the spirits of turpentine and a pint of warm
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character of the urinary deposite is changed. When the mine
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disease when it occurs in very young or very old subjects.
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much danger when it occurs as an idiopathic affection that is
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prissional capacity of the Medical Subaltern his treat 23 Q 32T 8
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nation of turpentine and laudanum to bring away several ounces
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come affected with it and Kortum states that it never occurs in
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produce sleep which is very necessary to our patient.
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ful suburbs and nearby towns or country estates. However at
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Keport of the ommandant of the Hospital and still less
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A eford writes to me on tlie subject I wanted to have some
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their formation is almost invariably the result of some in
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without irritation of the stomach. The only symptom that
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fluence the family physician to a declared diagnosis which
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that it is a preventable disease. The physicians of all the
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early and accurate diagnosis and more earnest conviction as
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any clothing whether there was any primary tubercular le
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the objection of the parents an autopsy was denied. The scar
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Some under this treatment recover that otherwise would not
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vated and the pulse 90. The writer was called and con
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of the spine jaws or arms. Hypersesthesia marked. Axil
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She must be responsible for the linen of the wards but this
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deficient or wdio became deficient before the completion of
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And such other committees as may be necessary. Such committees shall
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If this be Board of Health doctrine it is certainly not
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control in point of limitation as in tuberculosis. Pre dispo
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Bodies prepared in this way will keep indefinitely in ordi
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bowels. A vast number of remedies and modes of treatment
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cou e amenable for any extravagance malversation or
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Diagnosis. Ability to lie down only on the side affected if
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beneficial. Tent life in open pine forest can be successfully
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men had descended so low as to iutroduce it into the Medical
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The functions of the nose and naso pharynx are to filter
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tion cough and a sense of suffocation when firm pressure is
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honor with garden plots fountains and statues. In one
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suppression of driuking booths and regulation of canteens.
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just a little further and involve the air spaces to any extent
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principles for which it stands a hindrance a demoralizer a
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very important that each Head Nurse and each set of Assis
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Sec. 3. The Board of Directors shall annually elect from its own
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relieved and swelling greatly reduced after first treatment.
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drink this water and in that way I have seen the malaria in
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Section 1. The standing committees shall be as follows
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every four hours. If the tongue is dry and heavily coated
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the nurses of the county hospitals I know nothing but
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being overdone. When any of the above puddings are not to
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similar to those in use at the University of California and
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cases closely the tongue is found to be soft and flabby often
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Europe. Regarding maternal mortality the results are about
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the afternoon a dislike to pleasure and to duties which were
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The Nurse should have the power of respectfully saying in
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maternities of to day let me state that in the pursuance
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iw that the Sanitary state of CiviUans has somewhat
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length and has the distinction of being at as great a height
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ing anything to it the first portion is crushed into a very
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position of being on the Board of Directors of these institu
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asserted by writers for according to the observations of Whate
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knapsacks for pillows and great coats for blankets.
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urine. This affection is by far more common and distressing in
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of the stomach. In fact only within the past five years have
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patient has now above 1 200 cubic feet of space thus exceeding by

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I own a Craftmade ceiling fan and need new blades because the old ones (16 years old) are warped. On the blade it says “Fanthing,” and numbers 243 0

Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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