Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse offers a ceiling fan for each inspiration. Designed for home and commercial use, there prime quality fans come with manufacturer warranted guaranties as well as a spread of features like RC flexibility, trendy finishes, reversible blades, and Energy Star approval.

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Contemporary Westinghouse XAVIER II Ceiling Fan NEW
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $127.99
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UPSCALE Westinghouse VECTOR Fashion Ceiling Fan 52 Titanium w Triangle Lights
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $279.00
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early 1900s Westinghouse ELECTRIC CEILING FAN 115725B 55 inch antique old
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $245.00
260823244124 0 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
Contemporary MOBIUS 50 Westinghouse Ceiling Fan NEW
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $129.99
160729160997 0 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
Westinghouse Vintage II 52 Inch Five Blade Ceiling Fan Globe Brushed Nickel
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $39.99
270684282150 0 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
Westinghouse Black Comet Ceiling Fan 78016 NEW
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $74.99
110794887944 0 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
Westinghouse Lighting 56 Industrial Ceiling Fan in Brushed Nickel 7861400
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $79.99
320844497949 0 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
Westinghouse Lighting 30 Turbo Swirl Ceiling Fan in White 78145 BRAND NEW
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $79.00
320844498007 0 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
Westinghouse Lighting 42 Contempra Trio Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze 78377
pp Westinghouse Ceiling Fans   US $99.00
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Not only do Westinghouse fans add comfort and style to home decor but also using them year round can help cut energy costs. Westinghouse ceiling fans are available threw hardware stores, home centers and major web sites.

westinghouse indoor outdoor ceiling fans Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

westinghouse indoor outdoor ceiling fans

George Westinghouse was a respected inventor long before his name turned into a brand. He's the most productive inventor on record, credited with over four hundred patentsmany of them "firsts" that modified the way in which the world lived. One of Westinghouse's first contributions to modern life was his champing of AC ( AC ) instead of the direct current ( DC ) systems preferred by Thomas Edison. Because AC was seriously safer, Westinghouse's superiority over Edison led to the electrification of Yank houses. To show the benefits of AC, Westinghouse staged grand displays like the illumination of the 1893 World's Fair. George Westinghouse's spirit of creativity and dedication to improving the standard of life is alive and prospering at Westinghouse Lighting.

Breakthroughs are as easy as redesigning a store display to make products better to find and as revolutionary as reconfiguring the planning of a hanging fixture to make it easier and safer to install. Everybody at Westinghouse fan is devoted to continuing the proud bequest of George Westinghouse.

The company slogan is just as true now as it was when it was introduced over fifty years back, "You can be certain if it is Westinghouse.". There are thousands of brands in the world. Only a smattering become global icons and less still project the quality picture of Westinghouse. For over 100 years, it has been a name that is associated with Yank industry and ingenuity.

The power of the Westinghouse brand continues today. According to brand awareness studies, over 96% of adults recognize the Westinghouse name without prompting.

Awareness isn't the sole factor to think about when gauging the Westinghouse brand. Just about 9 out of ten adults surveyed feel

westinghouse ceiling fans 300x157 Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

westinghouse ceiling fans

that Westinghouse has a powerful name for making quality products and providing quality service. They really believe that "You can be certain if it is Westinghouse.". The power of the Westinghouse brand extends across our complete range of lighting products. The lights never go out in our Quality Assurance Department. We stand for a similar essentials in our service, support, forward thinking, and partnerships. Everybody at Westinghouse Lighting is happy with this bequest, and has a commitment to making it a continuing part of our future. In fact, quality everywhere starts with quality folks. When it comes to our products, we guarantee that each onein form and functionproudly embodies the Westinghouse brand. Each product is made according to the industry's highest quality standards and processes. Both here and abroad, our QC engineers start the quality control process well before producing starts. In the design and planning stages, we develop product specs to surpass class standards.

We provide robust guaranty programs on all our products such as westinghouse ceiling fans with lights and are the sole company that includes a "no ifs, ands, or buts" satisfaction guarantee on our westinghouse outdoor ceiling fans.

It is this established dedication to quality that has enabled Westinghouse to be an approved vendor for the US regime and an Energy Partner with the Office of Energy.

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