Remote Ceiling Fan

Virtually all new ceiling fans today are provided with a remote control, particularly higher priced ceiling fans.

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HUNTER 60 Ceiling Fan w REMOTE NEW BRONZE HR 23682
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $134.99
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Hand Held Ceiling Fan Remote with Receiver NEW
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $30.00
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Hampton Bay Altura 56 Ceiling Fan Espresso with Remote
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $56.00
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pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $275.49
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Hunter Ceiling Fan 52 Bronze Brookline w Remote
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $89.99
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pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $39.90
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MINKA AIRE CONCEPT I F516 ORB Ceiling Fan light Remote
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $239.99
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Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Remote Control Transmitter NEW
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $39.99
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Racecar 52 3 Speed Ceiling Fan with Remote LightNew
pp Remote Ceiling Fan   US $35.00
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The receiver part of the remote is snuggled within the fan body itself, while the control mounts either on the wall or into the wall as a switch.Ceiling fans have been making our lives simpler nearly since before the start of electricity, with ceiling fans of old being powered by slaves or crude crane

remote ceiling fans 300x241 Remote Ceiling Fan

remote ceiling fans

systems. But with the arrival of household electricity, everybody started having them to make their lives more comfy and ceiling fans with RC are available now most everywhere.

Naturally commerce has catered to the demand and now you'll find established companies concentrating on supplying what the general public wants. Hunter remote ceiling fans are an example of this. Naturally competition has made a couple of companies to exploit the demand and Hunter ceiling fan RC is just one in thousands available now. The way in which the Remote Works While you've got a spread of options to choose between, the 2 most typical are either a wall control switch or a handheld radio control.

Some wall switch controls cost additional, but at least you'll always know where to find the RC -- it's in the wall switch. Remote receiver. This is a little oblong box with DIP switches ( a collection of little buttons all set in one direction ) and 3 to 4 wires. Insert the battery into the receiver. The wires will probably be white ( neutral ), black ( hot ) blue ( light ) and copper or green for grounding. This unit rests within the fan body.

AFTER YOU switch off the ELECTRICITY, you'll connect the wires from the receiver to the wires leaving the ceiling, securing each color combo with wire nuts. Set DIP switches.

If you're installing more than one remote controlled ceiling fan, set the DIP switches on both the receiver and the control over one fan to an identical alternate sequence ( like "all up" instead of "all down" ). Otherwise, when you switch off the ceiling fan in one room, it'll switch off the fan in the adjoining room.

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