ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans

What's ENERGY STAR? The U.S. Government-backed symbol for energy potency. A program devoted to identifying products that save energy without having to sacrifice quality or performance.

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HUNTER 52 Outdoor Ceiling Fan Energy Star HR 21318
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Litex 52 Lombardi ENERGY STAR® Ceiling Fan
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Litex 60 Aged Bronze ENERGY STAR® Ceiling Fan
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Minka Aire F586 CBR Riva Bronze Energy Star 52 Ceiling Fan w Light Remote
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Why Buy ENERGY STAR Ventilating Fans? Save energy and cash Qualified vent fans use more than seventy percent less energy than standard models and operate with less noise. ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans feature high-performance motors and

Energy Star ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans

Energy Star

improved blade design for a longer life and better potency, helping you save cash on your energy bills. Save the environment

Energy Fact : In 2007 alone, Americans with assistance from ENERGY STAR saved $16 bln on their power and water bills and forestalled greenhouse gas emissions identical to the yearly emissions of twenty-seven million cars. So if you need to save energy and money on your cooling needs? Energy-efficient ceiling fan / light fittings that carry the Energy Star label can be fifty percent better than typical fan / light units. By trying improved motors and blade designs, and efficient and durable lighting, these ceiling fans will keep you cool while saving energy. All integral and attachable light kits must meet the wants of the EPA's ENERGY STAR home light fitting blueprint. In a similar fashion , attachable light kits, sold singly, must also meet the necessities of the home light fitting design. ENERGY STAR qualified home ceiling fans sold without integral or attachable light kits must provide info on product packing or with product instructions about ENERGY STAR qualifying light kits that might be used with that specific home ceiling fan. There are plenty of reasons to install ceiling fans in your house, not the least being the money you will save on your house's cooling and heating bills. The best make of ceiling fan is Energy Star. Energy Star ceiling fans are one of the finest things you can put in your house.

Ceiling Fan Energy Star Approved 300x291 ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Energy Star Approved

They keep your house cool and use much less energy than an air conditioner. About Energy Star Energy Star is a program that was started by the US state that was meant to promote consumer goods that are energy efficient. It has a simply recognized logo. History This program was started in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency with help by John S Hoffman. It was built to be a strategy of reducing the consumption of energy and the emissions of green house gasses by the power plants. It start out as a voluntary program that was employed to pigeonhole products that were thought to be energy efficient and has been extended to office apparatus, home electronics, lighting and major appliances. It is even applied to some houses and commercial buildings. Point of Energy Star The Energy Star program has been used to market the saving of energy and the reduction of green house gases. There are lots of motivations to using Energy Star products, not the least being the money you may save on power and water bills. The environmental advantages are zilch to sneeze at either. Kits One of the finest tactics to be certain that you have Energy Star ceiling fans in your house is to buy the Energy Star rated lighting kit and install it on your ceiling fans. This will save your cash in that you can retrofit your already installed ceiling fans rather than having to go out and shop for new fans. The energy star kit has been proved to cut the quantity of energy utilized by your ceiling fan in half. Selecting a Ceiling Fan selecting the best ceiling fans for your house is vital and you must always ensure that the fans you purchase are energy star ceiling fans. These fans are better for the environment and better for your pocket book. The fan is just as useful as a non-Energy Star ceiling fan, but you've got the added bonus of helping the environment and saving cash.

Ceiling fans in general can help economize on the cooling and heating costs of your house.

Energy Star ceiling fans not only keep your house's temperature regulated, they also save you cash and cut back on the quantity of energy your house uses by quite a lot. When you're shopping for your ceiling fan, as well as taking a look at cost and style, you must ensure that you're looking for the Energy Star emblem. If you have ceiling fans already installed in your house, you should purchase Energy Star kits to turn them into energy star ceiling fans. To read more Click  Energy Star Government site

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