Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

Belt driven ceiling fans were some of the first ceiling fans ever made and have been around since the turn of the century.

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These unique ceiling fans operate from a single motor which has a pully which drives a belt that's stretched between every individual fan. The belt drive motor is attached to the wall or ceiling.

Originally, the belt was driven by water wheels found outside of the building with intricate belt and pully systems.

These days , we use electricity. Some of the belt driven fans have a single fan while others can have multiple fans.

The length between each fan can be up to twenty feet or so and there may be up to five fans driven by a single belt and motor. Belt driven ceiling fans are typically seen in commercial applications, although some folk will install them in their home if the layout of the home adapts well to this application...and the budget is comparatively unlimited. The bulk of belt drive ceiling fans that you see in restaraunts and hostels and mags are made by Fanimation, the premier maker of belt driven ceiling fans. Though belt driven

Fanimation Brewmaster Belt Drive Ceiling Fan 300x117 Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

Fanimation Brewmaster Belt Drive Ceiling Fan

fans move a slight quantity of air, they're designed more for show than for function. Shown in picture : Fanimation Scotch Street Long Ceiling Fan Model FP520AB in ANTIQUE BRASS. Shown with model FP1018 Reversable Oak / Walnut optional blades and model F419AB four arm Victorian Fitter without Glass.

Outside Rated for Damp Locations in BL, MC, MW, RS and WH finishes with ( four ) model G200 two quarter in. Lead Crystal shades ( uses 4-60 Watt Med Base Bulbs ) **. Incorporates Single Speed Wall Control for Belt Drive Fans The Bourbon Street Long is a part of Fanimations belt-drive collection and is a reproduction of an original Snediker and Carr installation at Kolbs- once a preferred eatery and lager house in the New Orleans French Quarter. Mixing old-world style with the most recent technology gives the Bourbon Street fan a really unique flare. Fanimation incorporates hardwood laminate blades that resist warping and neoprene belts that resist breakage and exessive sag. The Bourbon Street brings a classic design into the present with an extremely flexible system that works really well in both little and massive settings. Optional ceiling and wall mount idlers ( not shown ) permit belt and fan layouts to turn corners or jog around columns and other barriers. Our standard configuration is composed of one motor- three fan units and enough belting to space the fans up to sixteen feet apart ( which is the maximum allowed ). One of the first ceiling fans that were ever made worked on the belt drive technology. The belt drive fan has been about since one hundred years and is now considered a fashion statement. Now made only by Fanimation Company, these belt driven fans are also called pulley driven ceiling fans.

Why is a Belt Driven Ceiling Fan So Unique? So what makes these fans so striking and unique? Often , a surrounding needs a ceiling

Belt Drive ceiling fan Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

Belt Drive ceiling fan

fan so unusual and so different that it sets the tone for the dcor of the place.

If you're looking for a crowd pleasing and unique ceiling fan design, then belt drive fans should be your first choice. Not only do these fans capture your attention the instant you step foot in a room, but also creates a sweeping and classy presence. Pulley-driven ceiling fans aren't just functional, but they're moving sculptures that convert your space into a skill gallery! How works a Belt Driven Fan? So, what drives this kind of fan? In a belt driven ceiling fan there's a single motor that is attached to the fan by a belt driven by a crane. The belt driven motor is fixed on the ceiling or the wall and supplies the thrust to revolve the blades of the fan. Back in the reliable days, this belt was driven with help from water wheels that were placed outside of the home. An complicated system of belt and crane was employed to revolve the fan, because there was no electricity. Today , the same system is used to work the present day belt driven fans, only with electricity. Crane driven fans come in 2 styles with a single ceiling fan or with multiple ceiling fans. Technically, the distance between each fan should be roughly twenty feet or more. A total of five such fans can be driven by one belt crane motor. Generally belt drive fans are employed in commercial spaces like hostels, restaurants, among others, but they also have a slot residential customers that installs them in places as and where the home layout authorizes them too. These fans are quite expensive and need bottomless pockets. Belt Driven Fanimation Model.

The leader in belt drive ceiling fan market is Fanimation ceiling fans. A premier ceiling fan manufacturer, Fanimation's unique offering is employed more for aesthetics and attention instead of air movement. Fanimation, earlier part of the Casablanca Fan company, branched out on its own in 1984 and since that time has been specializing in creative and original fan designs.

One of the hottest of all Fanimation ceiling fan ranges is the Scotch Street Belt Driven ceiling fan. The Scotch Street Fan was made for the 1st time in 1984-85, and remains of the finest belt drive ceiling fan of all times. The Woolen Mill Fan Company produces belt-driven fans and fans with wooden blades in vintage styles.

Fans from Woolen Mill are based totally on and constructed from patterns employed in a 1976 Smithsonian exhibit. They'll stimulate class and puzzle to any interior.

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