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it always has been it is necessary. So the public wears with
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this form of hemorrhagic fever that we had I think five
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War Office Clerks from the highest to the lowest rank
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training on the patients as a means of teaching them not only
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or rather irrigated from above with sterile water. Disin
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phia chloral and bromide per rectum. She had a repeti
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the Barrack and General Hospitals Scutari was fixed
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fully realized in the manifest inflammatory results which
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tendance. The medical student must add to the two courses
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States were profoundly impressed with the fact that the
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much better without these small wards attached to each larger
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feel helpless then he feels the necessity for such measures.
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destroying the opportunity of distributing infectious mate
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affections there are several other articles highly worthy of atten
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findings that the gonococcus penetrates almost every tissue of
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It would seem an easy task to teach intelligent women that
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nitory symptoms which usually precede the appearance of the
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E aging the sum of deaths very nearly equal. The Adju
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be married is employed in washing either for the Office
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almost occluded by contraction and with exudate through
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rarely whilst the tsenia solium is by no means uncommon.
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A case is mentioned as having occurred in St. George s Hos
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Ju 3 also been sent with the orderlies and we believe that
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ipplies in kind. Milk in such situations would probably not
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is not clear some authorities attribute it to rheumatism or a
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where it is indicated and the proper auxiliary treatment
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members of the medical profession were convinced from
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ten and contained pus. His life was saved by not being
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mouth and pharyngeal cavity as free as possible of the
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But if such be determined on let especial care be taken to
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a maximum temperature of 250 deg. F. after which the
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admitted of the sick and wounded at that time as to
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keeping the Barrack Hospital privies in a proper state of
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i gt tincture with a scruple of the powdered sulphate of potash every
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of mankind we thank Thee that Thou hast called these Thy servants
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ration cools. Pathologically we will find in the unstained
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Granting that all dressings are aseptic we are chiefly con
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amount of water is forced into the ascension tube c. The
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and died in their country s service. They need our hel
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cular engorgement or tumefaction of the mucous membrane of the
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often crowds up the diaphragm which together with the re
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and humbly emulate. This sort of thing would be really out of
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vegetables as the remedy were the first winter s mode of
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as to this some worthy souls would scrub at every rag rather
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which in old buildings it often is not every ward of every
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examined for same but found no trouble except the cystitis.
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Even plague itself as in the recent epidemic at Bengazi begins
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Transport from Simpheropol to Perekop and provided the
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debris dandruff and dirt and then apply over the field of
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Ifc may from the data here presented be probably infei d J
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erly prepared anatomical material. The collection of mate
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taught it. The name marasmus itself meaning as it does
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although tliere was no acute pain at this time he was comfort
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only in cases characterized hy a phlogistic hahit of body that
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The patient should then be put to bed on a hard mattress
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lesson to the people of the future that will typify that great
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he appears in this instance to have given it as early as
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races of the hills and on the slopes were many varieties of
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diuretics must be employed with great caution and it would
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applications seem to be capable of checking the progress of the
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exhilarating air of the country and such exercises as are consist
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Excess of burials over reported deaths at Scutari.. 309
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exudation of albuminoid material which acting on the crys
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which is within the female wards and for at once reporting before
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was some time before he was allowed to express his pent up
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should produce a certificate from her matron stating her 1
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production. In other instances the plain milk diet will ac
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generally a strong disposition to or actual deposite of gravel.
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opinion must have been founded upon some report you ill
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persisted in as long as the alvine evacuations continue to exhibit
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streams into raging torrents. That is probably the case here.
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individual they are the last organs to develop and they lie
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experience in the last named places is of great interest. In
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for preferring Nuns to secular Nurses and for the delivery of
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pie of seniority free course until a man by length of
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cases does he see. For instance I began practicing medicine
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examination of the body is made and all the important
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ing or a granulated raw appearance of the surface sometimes
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tm to write and encourage confidential reports against it.
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for economy and saving of material can be enforced whic
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which he ultimately ascertained to be wholly dependent on dia
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used in divided doses during the day. At the same time that
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introduced its whole length per anum. This remedy is worthy
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this colic referable to my liver. So far as my own mind
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been all carried out the Hospitals would still have been unfit
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quently given in combination with digitalis and many add to
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approximate the edges of uterus after which you let uterus

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I own a Craftmade ceiling fan and need new blades because the old ones (16 years old) are warped. On the blade it says “Fanthing,” and numbers 243 0

Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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