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m of the main articles of Diet in the Crimean Hospitals stated

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tendency to retention of the urine is a very common complaint.

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history is good except one brother died of tuberculosis. At

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remove the bichloride gauze and wash the surface with steril

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control in point of limitation as in tuberculosis. Pre dispo

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impossibility. I refrain from detailing the injuries the

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Navarro and Dr. Jerman Valenzuela. We were whisked off

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it the same time it is necessary to mention that the

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Kest during menstruation may relieve the pain but if it

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staggered by the ugly fact that in private practice puerperal

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a thing done in a few minutes and with satisfaction by women

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Another example of want of definition still stron r

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will relieve the Nurse daily of considerable time and it

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This is especially striking when we remember that the mor

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vated no doubt through the infliction of quarantine regu

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the rectum by which a frequent desire to stool is created which

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kettles lost or destroyed weather wet stormy and boisterous.

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end a miserable life conscious of the sin Avhich we have

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In sloughing ulcers without indurated bases we may often

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at a great loss but that carboniferous food without nitrogei

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Sixth District. Wake Franklin Warren Vance Granville Person

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ceed better than an other remedy. The cantharides should be

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ulty be desired a degree of doctor of medicine is required. The

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realize and accept this fact the better. Tuberculosis isn t a

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February 8 He sends to the Military Secretary an extract

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will be found with nr li a diseased condition of the olands

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pleasant symptoms and the taste is completely disguised.

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where every man or woman who can be spared is better

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cuss methods of instruction I desire to call attention to

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Booth the President elect to the General Meeting of the

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impression was made on the disease but the relief obtained was

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speak of this accident as it occurs in normal labor.

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Crimea. trophe. The total mortality from wounds at Alma Ink

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only the symptoms of intestinal indigestion and not inde

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the care of men who ought to be recovering themselves but

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tions may continue they are insufficient for the delivery of

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strong restraint and then that would require constant looking

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more of a family than she has. Of course a woman who has

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to it by this incentive. A library which shall not cost over

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Unless the failure to report is practically madi an

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probably be harassed by small mucous stools attend with great

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Charlotte profession had with the Annual Dinner as with

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nedical department at Balaklava in hundreds. It would thus

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in the mucous membrane of the urethra a short distance above

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Leaving for the moment further consideration of the in

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covered in front by the sterno hyoid the sterno thyroid and

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I As to other commodities not contracted for by the

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near its fimbriated end. The bleeding mass was tied and cut

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without having first seen the wound carelessness haste

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extent of eliminating largely the bacterial toxins from the

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owner. He receives them on going out of Hospital aij

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other diseases of the kidney are those abdominal conditions

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and are now undergoing a process of cleaning which will be con

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potas iodid there was slight improvement and the treatment

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in Dr. Martin his right hand man and he diagnosed my

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ing increases the pain and difficulty in swallowing. An

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jDaper very much. Before I forget it I want to say to Dr.

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Fig. 6. Sycosis is not papular but postulous and nodular

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Onslow Count Societj suggests amendments to Constitution 104

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in health which followed. At that date the deaths on cases

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decidua which strongly resembles the membraneous masses

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