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operation. The immediate danger from an unrejiaired lacer

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I am convinced they often produce more general irritation than

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Brain. Its action upon the brain is first that of a stimu

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the finest physical race in the world with the exceptio

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to say that in their hospitals and operating rooms they are the

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Ml peculiar individual circumstances leave open to sucli

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it should be fumigated we know that but I don t think we

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The patient s wishes and appetite are not to be consulted for

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le official returns there were in hospital at Scutari

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pression of urine is not however always attended with the

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have had marked predisposition to insanity while the fourth

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gain i made or because temporary losses are sustained pro

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tion to a diagnosis. A surgeon always finds a surgical case

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Gorgas the official Inspector General of Sanitation for the

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to them by Miss Nightingale in most cases under dec

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It inhabits the up er portion of the bowels and the stomach.

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have arrested the disease in the lungs and removed all the

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of the scrotum down to the penile stnictures is performed as

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This variety of the disease is not in general attended with any

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we should save nearly 1 500 good soldiers yearly wIk

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has lately published a statement confirming Mr. Patterson s fa

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the little ward ought to represent a great amount of separa

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with St. Augustine Ormond Daytona Palm Beach and Miami

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Dr. Johnson in relation to the etiology of goitre observes

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every half hour. The convulsions became farther apart.

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The sum of these three months has been taken in order

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character and the extent of their medical education.

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Preparations were indeed made for the establishment of a Hospita

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Ihe hoHdays cause inconvenience no doubt but on the

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Dr. Parrott I merely arise to emphasize the import

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from it. It therefore becomes a matter of necessity in a

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recent graduate if you pass the gauntlet of the State medi

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patient than from fear of offending to keep up the hope

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his ancestors shaped by the reminiscences of his own life

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little more would produce Typhoid Fever and a little aore

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The dose which should be administered to an adult in 24

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T ops is the most likely it would seem to enjoy perfect

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lated and tonics and digestants given as indicated. If there

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the rest cured. Then if we divide the deaths in the arr

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r uding Brigades and Divisions than it is at present the

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the lymphatics are involved. Some go so far as to discourage

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igers the efficiency of the whole. The strength and cunning of

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salt rations the men would still have suffered froiD L

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it cruel not to try at least the experiment having been

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copiously with water after they had abstracted from them large

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to an hospital tent wholly unprovided with anything for their

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resolution there that we propose to stamp out and prevent

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inflammation in females is exceedingly seldom if ever extended

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the expedition though nothing could be more certain thar

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the stomach while looking after the primary trouble. Meals

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have been very generally reconmicnded in cases where there is

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be necessary it will be the duty of the Principal Medica

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general diaphoresis even when the urinary affection is exceed

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ounces of lime water or a very weak solution of lunar caustic

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have gone to the ISTorth and have contracted consumption and

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Schuyler in the state of New York by Dr. Coventry demon

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mon sense the arts are held in higher esteem than in any

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a statement of its assessment together with its roster of all officers and

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matrix may distract its speechless helpless victim just as a

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minuticB by which I do believe and beheve more and more

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general more beneficial than the lean parts. For drink the pa

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and twenty million than the total amount spent for bread

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upon the age and previous condition of the patient. Poorly

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of these diseases throughout our land and we will not sit idly

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hole day during seven successive days. That of the diet for

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bowels is very desirable in the management of this affection yet

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with special instruction to examine the topography of tlie town

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Few cases of septicemia are known and only two cases of

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patients even to the deferring the serving of their ucih

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date the member associated himself with this Society the date of issu

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but without avail. The remains of the head were removed

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th. not only respectable women may be tempted to marry

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alternately. Both Fuel and Eoasted Coffee had then long since

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Diseases arising from bad food such as scorbutus and

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incompatible with the status as such of ladies. The reali

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any material advantage from it it should be given in large doses

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and the town. Admiral Boxer himself died of chofera

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shipped in a condition utterly unfit for such a voyage. Froi

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the more interesting cases from which a second select a

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leaves the organs involved in a permanently crippled condi

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should know the possibilities of orthopedic surgery. The

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da to enter the Army Medical Department presents his

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The three cardinal points governing the prognosis of pul

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better to have limited the number to 30 as first intended.

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dents from their use in obstetrical practice have been exceed

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The aromatic tonics says Richter deserve much attention in

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opinion as for a Scientific Department to send daily advice to

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one way or another to the Nurses. I should say that each

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Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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