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both cases finally terminated fatally. Alkaline remedies have

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temporary Hospital. Since the investment of Sevastopol an

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ides iodine and chloral I made a cure. I was informed last

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might occur of all complaints of quantity or quality of pro

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be very anxious to see her baby assuring me that she was

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of our best people taken into houses that are infected with

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The cause next in frequency is the failure to immobilize

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seem greater but the thermometer shows it to be 106 or 108

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the solution of atropine again used and in this manner ad

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applicable to that particular case. Many devices and opera

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When labor begins the contents of the uterus are aseptic.

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Second. That chloroform chloral hydrate the bromides

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their discussion of this paper and I wish to reply to a few

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saturated with organic matter and only wants moisture to give

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the abdomen for penetrating wounds and infections. He

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patented which the others are not. Chemically they are the sanKjl

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operation. The immediate danger from an unrejiaired lacer

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Eeport of Committee ox President s Address to the House of

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It is obvious that there are many times when it is not wise

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upon us to enhance our worldly goods by what square means

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glycerine strophantus and caffeine all have indications in

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have done well and made uninterrupted recoveries. Within

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are at our command avert many unhappy consequences and

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The rule of having the water closet on the furthest side of

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connection with other diseases which are due to infection

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the treatment and the whole train of symptoms immediately

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every hour or two until its peculiar influence on the system is

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retary of this Committee has this Constitution and vt ill be

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practitioner also. I aim to give a very hrief summary of the

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Rice only issued four days and barley one day during the

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statistic of lOi per cent from disease in seven montb

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surgery one apothecary one pharmacy and laboratoi i

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allowed a fresh vegetable and acescent diet. In severe cases

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presence at luncheon. The invitation included Dr. and

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cate any vitality on the subject and then he harps on vegetables

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not therefore whether from carelessness or ignorance take

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dignified young men and women sixteen and seventeen years

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lity should be allowed to require or lead her to do

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til Barrack Hospital they fixed the distance of the beds

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in consequence of which habitual congestion of the portal vessels

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n complied with. In lately requiring for medicine neither

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months old had diptheria the other did not have it at the

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are anticipated and precipitated by alcohol and the dram

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the sixth it was still firmer and the serum exhibited a white

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recommendations solely to matters aifecting their professional

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ship of the component societies is hereby made the annual dues of this

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one officer to receive them. If they are medicines it is

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that the Purveyor sometimes performed all the Surgeon

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one of the many hours he passed in the Hospital i so

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complaints is beneficial for the sick or whether it be beneficial

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trttment upon ability in diagnosis or such like. Inspec

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tofed to Hut Hospitals in Algeria distinctly affirmed

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their mending making amp c. they do it at night sometimes

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cretions retard the growth of most bacteria and prevent the de

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The site was selected without any consultation with U

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the warm bath and tepid diluent drinks should be used until

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By this arrangement. Medical Officers would be lef it

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more or less impaired and the muscular powers so prostrated

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ISTormally only a very little gas is formed in the incubator

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open wound to facilitate the drainage of the lymphatics which

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massive fatty acid flakes. In the iodine preparation bbie

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years she had suffered from dyspepsia gastralgia etc. Two

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the second white and the third of a dark blackish green colour.

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idea of what is best for them. The business cares will not

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clinical facts. It has been noted by an eminent writer

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congestion in the vessels of the abdominal viscera and particu

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as to inform her that she possessed a floating kidney. jSTow

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veloped the fact that the little girl was an only child that

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the fundus and above the bladder apparently a part of the

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immediately above. The little casualty wards of course add

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The principle of substantive rank infers a greater or le

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eparations made for them and the first official infor

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press the trachea and oesophagus and interfere with respira

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ordered for the men. Let the nurse never be allowed to deposit Dressings

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and contradictory. According to the celebrated Mead its pri

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effects resulting in passive congestion of the kidney and

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portant field of obstetrics. Anybody may practise midwifery

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lower eyelids tickling in the nose tumid upper lip occasional

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ing to all previous experiences requires for its gTOwth and

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the sugar remains unaltered in consequence of which tlie urine

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quarters their sick in proportion to their men fit for duty

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former years delayed very largely by the tardiness of the gentlemen

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close to convalescence and can only be combated by the

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place in which they can most conveniently take exercise dui g

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instructions on the Sanitary part so that the Commission was

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articles that were wanted at least the Dispenser that was

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for the great scenic experience of their lives. The little train

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Some time in the fall the bladder again began to give her

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whether off ensive and delirious cases are under more favour

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ing to all previous experiences requires for its gTOwth and

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respiration short and quick facial expression anxious. I ad

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bled freely upon manipulation and emitted a foul smelling

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le re of the Service and of the professional duties talent for

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expressing my opinion it v ill be based upon the observation

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whether or not out of door dress should be prescribed isi i

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sundry Head Nurses and Nurses dying not a few Nurses

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ther with what we took to be the remains of a six weeks

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the mist and revealed the city in the curved indentation

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sariat but to the state of the elements. The Commissait

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stimulating ajiplications are generally the only means effectual in removing in

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acrimony of the blood. Masked scurvy was supposed to be pre

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a basin put on the bread two small nuts of fresh butter il

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