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these shall go away into everlasting punishment

turning home my associate Di J. H. Boyles saw her but

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the bad showing of private practice to faulty surroundings.

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Heart and Its Nerves. The terminations of the Vagus

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Nurse can cook and wash up in her own room without carrying

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tuberculosis it would not be much of a stretch of the imagi

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not Scutari was likely to be the Head Medical Quarters

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glycerine strophantus and caffeine all have indications in

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irigues 2 000 men died and 12 000 were affected by the

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others have been mentioned as the probable source of this affec

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ventilation. Such conditions not only prevetit successful

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aiolutaly necessary for their health and lives. The

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classes. The proportion of death increases and that f

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I wish I had it in my power to give you well clothed

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sions were that severe injuries involving the kidney or

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to be equally beneficial in all the varieties of this disease for

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the vagina and of establishing a preternatural determination of

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at Devna have been frequently referred to as illustrative of the

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to call upon the Dutch for suitable quarters a people

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irritation or want of cleanliness. Evans. Thisvariety of slough

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vesical sjihincter or an irritability of the vesical mucous mem

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it is easily preserved for a time it is all nutriment and there

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an operation is done especially if the 3atient s surroundings

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presses placed against the walls. Take care however that

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as ell as their actual formation rested with the Quarter i oads.

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tlieria. The frequency of typhoid fever within the last few

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do appear. In cases where the placenta is partly adherent and

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Unfortunately at Morganton no more land can be pur

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Department. If it were otherwise not only the honou

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easier than the expedient but the men themselves neve

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pregnancy is the history of the case. I do not mean to say

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tit of those rejected at least a fourth part is suffering

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state of irritated action which ultimately in most instances

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are brought to the athletic constitution. But as the demancj

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been a great improvement. The loss of sexual power is

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Hospitals tliey are quoted irom the Articles of War. It

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broad deep shelves and the difi erent kinds of things should be

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the body as wben taken internally. Wbere tbe stomach is weak

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der was then stitched to the peritoneum the usual drainage

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sores as fixed and essential diversities merely from their external

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Probably the most common symptom is that of backache

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sacrifice for the betterment of his people although such had to be done

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l ir from eight till nine at the Surgery in the intermc

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gestive disturbances and malnutrition. When properly di

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In March 1906 the cervical glands were no larger than

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Architect and Treasurer who would give valuable inf

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such branches as supply the cavernous bodies and dorsal artery

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thundering on the Austrian left of Davoust s savage guns

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Here it would appear that the Commander of the Force

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Want of medical comforts and transport to Balaklava

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inflammatory symptoms set in when it does the wound I

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feeling the inconvenience of want of health annou ed

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Purveyor receives them that having acknowledgments

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ing the quality of the mother s milk. Diet hygiene and

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mortality of course continued to rise. Still nothing was

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is severe a hypodermic of morphine should be given and

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Purveyor s Clerk to furnish the copies. These he forwarded

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Humoral relating to the fluids particularly the blood

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inferior position. It would also prevent men from acti

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This rarely fails to relieve all symptoms and enables the

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decidedly phlogistic is the condition of the system.

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tit li rations of fuel were then allowed per man. One

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symptoms of cardiac failure will develop due to changes in

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entilated from the dampness of the ground and from the ground being

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ger to the foetus. This is most common in protracted labors

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doT through snow and mud and get back to their camp about 7

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infant depends largely upon its early recognition during the

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stinct and fulfilling their highest destiny who cares for them

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require a prophet to see that shortly such negligence will be

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from the ships. Their water was near indeed their Conrj

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The next and most important is the heart and this is as

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the other articles just mentioned. This was a favourite medicine

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urine very scanty highly colored loaded with albumen of

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sent to me for operation. The usual incision was made.

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consideration that the present terms which are inadeqi te

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ner and Royster and I am glad that they are satisfied that

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cede the experiment of their introduction. This appear i

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abscess normal pregnancy acute hemorrhage into the ovary

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proved to be mistakes that the body of medical men neces

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a large measure. Words to this effect certainly go a long

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acutely with fever. Another reason given is that it is said

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body of Attendants and Officers of every description th

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is an honorable man perhaps an alderman or pillar in the

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in contact with rheumatic fever in the children s wards in

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membrane transcend this grade of excitement and establish an

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sepsis or not. In the light of my past experience I am not

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anything new to the subject of ectopic pregnancy but more

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abdominal cavities are resorted to al puncture of the leg.

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ban the following that the disease was caused by salt

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believe first resorted energetically to the depletory plan of treat

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ceased for owing to the distribution of warm clothing at the

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marked case of laryngitis in which I used 16 thousand

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a change of climate a well regulated out of door life amidst

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there is of fatal accident from perforation or hemorrhage.

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removed and the affected scrotal side is taken between thumb

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generally say that they prefer in Civil Hospitals the service

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Sec. 2. The general meeting shall have authority to create commit

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first making a correct diagnosis. This fact if recognized

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weight in the perinaeum and in general all those symptoms which

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Mr. Alexander unable to obtain blankets seized and distri

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swollen and the surface rough looking not unlike elephanti

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Sometimes he has trouble in passing his water and it is

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Til Quartermaster General is to provide the Soldier with shelter water

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attempt to introduce the finger with the view of examining into

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I has already appeared iu the preceding note that the mor

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tic treatment has been proposed and successfully practised by

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and I and the people of ISTorth Carolina only pray for the

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an one already exists. The best opinions and advice the

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more severe. In this confirmed stage of the complaint the mor

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session a stepping stone to future ones of higher interest.

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and induration of the mucous membrane of the urethra pressure

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sewer empty and dry at this part showing obstruction in it

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precision. Civil population and the Army comes into play at the perio of

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Confederate arms prospered at Gettysburg and Appomattox

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minous matter occurring in the urine namely the chylous and

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rapid progress within these few years among the inhabitants of

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examples of the severe form of arthritis deformans as it oc

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to account for the increasing signs of cachexia and only by a

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appointment and duties. He shall act as chairman of the Committees

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though counteracted by the Dutch habit of high feeding

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is economical to let him last his time. It is then sound

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the health of the Army is concerned the Sanitary advice of his

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the fuel of one which can do ten times more work. A compact

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When done suspend the steak over the pan to allow the

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member how this innovation upon old custom this infringe

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useful inventions and discoveries have been wrought by men

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Eotch says the percentage of cases however in which

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