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may at first sight appear. There must be hands enoug

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keeping accounts now taking many soldiers from tlir

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jWe are constantly told by those whose idee Jbct is

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the lick began to return to duty when considerable drafts and

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The ventilation in the General Hospital was much 1

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vulsions but oftener the first is but a forerunner of other

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the frontal bone over the sharp projecting edges of the base

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tions. I am truly sorry that those babies were born in a cool

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the consequences are often extremely injurious. This practice

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practitioners see our patients going to the specialists who are

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without the least sensation of its occurrence. In such cases the

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bile secretion of two kinds. The bile may be decreased both

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also that each man s portion is served him from the kitchen

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with those of her lover. This is pictured by the Doctor as

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gone home just as well in two months and probably with less

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not do it better than by the dissemination of the literature

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we are very soon after to exhibit laxative medicines which

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of British troops chiefly owing to the continued use of salt meat and

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cubic space for each Patient is under 500 feet. The s

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The retiring Secretary was presented with a very hand

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the posterior extremity. The male is smaller than the female

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It was interesting but it was rough play and ruthless. He

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s t on board the frigate which conveyed the bodies of the

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the 9th Eegiment is attributed entirely to exposure and dam

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vesical sjihincter or an irritability of the vesical mucous mem

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purgatives may be repeated every two or three days provided

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progress is not retarded as it is in the narrow nasal passages

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on its sedative eficcts they maintain that calomel being a stimu

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bouring part particularly of the pancreas and perhaps of the

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eight months pregnancy. The doctor called in consultation

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comfort. Destitute of bedding of blankets and of fuel it

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is the rational treatment for this disease but on account of

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sion. Eecommends proper latrines to be dug and earth to be

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secretion and instead of the catamenial fluid lymph is often se

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this case had there been such accommodation as a vessel sn

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quito to contend with. I would be very glad to hear the

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imy than the proportion which survives in the healthy

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many of them arrived frost bitten and tetanus was not

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with its men so courteous and hospitable and its women so

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plate how much that trite expression means. Open air day

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any one but a skilled physician. Many therefore are going

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Ayre asserts what indeed I am well inclined to admit that the

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instances of this kind in which I have employed it disappeared

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tion of urine being either morbidly diminished or entirely sup

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servers. To be correct in the average is however all that

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As convalescence becomes established remedies directed to

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figure provided a certain program is carried out. Five min

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tatives of each of these classes forming the first expe

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in the Gould method with an extension of the incision above

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sensations as joy and grief and pain and pleasure are not

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ing of members whether in relation to other members to the component

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this average. The Caduceus embarked 430 sick on Sept.

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quick tense and frequent pulse and the warm and dry skin

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moved and exposing spots of a livid colour with an indurated

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structural change has been effected the mere redness or inject

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did those who have preceded us. In contemplating the work

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campaign than we have upon any other but because it is

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mortem. I have been agreeably surprised at the number

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Deprivation of visitors if it could be done would be very

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the Registrar General for comparison and publication

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duration of other kinds of service. Apart from all excess

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T o are allowed accommodation and advantages for their

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excite the action of the liver and to obtain the general mercurial

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ceased and I have concluded that it is the effect of the fluids

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Goodell s or other uterine dilaters or better still by the use

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tic diathesis. An important indication therefore is to diminish

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Except in emergencies Nurses should not be taken under

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in perfect harmony and mutual helpfulness in the noble

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mo it seems a danger lies if I mistake the words are wholly

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J tion in love of God and of mankind carried into action.

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doctor whose work lay parallel with ours whose temptings

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of its valleys and were inspired by its mountain sentinels that

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ty aggravated all the symptoms. Nevertheless costiveness is

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with on the anterior aspect of the scrotum. In some instances

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him is to detect and detect early any complications or abnor

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si no more instructive lesson on army hygiene could be

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the majority of the committee believes that this is the correct principle

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well conducted English ship supplemented by strange fruits

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Hospital shall be ineffective unless countersigned by th

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diseased processes. Then it becomes in some instances

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had followed a long and serious illness. He was County Coroner and

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volence or both make when legislating on matters which they

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Let the Orderlies eat their meals in it if they do not eat

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join with her in one grand glorious aria her breath grew

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an follicles about the cervix as to cause a semi raw state

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ipreme Officer who should be held responsible for the

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a consequence are less virulent and less able to overcome or counteract

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is bj no means thereby delivered of its pregnancy. The

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although these may not be plainly discernible all around they

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she has burdens uj on her there which though she be a

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have however been out of the way of the acquirement

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piece which makes into some or many dozens should be steeped

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It is impossible to appoint the w ork of the Nurses without

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is undoubtedly connected with a morbid condition of the blood

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numerous they are uncomfortably evident in the medical

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is removed. They generally occur in irregular clusters and of

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in combination with some pepsin preferably alone to aug

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