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I December and one to Dr. Forrest on the 20th December.
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ject of the chronic joint diseases of children constitutes a chap
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privilege to visit the State Hospital at Morganton and to in
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His recuperating powers being so acute that the emaciation
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The End Results Mental Physical Psychic Following Ablation of
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authority on this subject it would seem almost impossible to
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deliver. Keep the pulse down and wait and w hile you wait
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choose between the two I should omit the chemical solutions
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difficult to over estimate the value of a good soldier for
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connected with a sluggish and languid state of the system and
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ft attach blame to anybody and I so managed it that we got
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scape invaliding during the first period of seven years are
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lated wards is quite sufficient of itself to occasion a high pro
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The most striking proof of the curability of tuberculosis
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by healthy persons as well as by those suffering with intes
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Tl e are the Definitions of their duties. Here follows the Problem
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can in any sense be said to strain the necessary principle of
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the system is reduced by appropriate antiphlogistic means. In
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II. Medical Officers who give fair play will find it impossible
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teur Institute in reply to an inquiry says I should say
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common. In Holland and in some of the marshy districts of
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beechwood creosote in proper dosage after meals increasing
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medicines and medical comforts and the supplies and means of
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curette and starting at a given point going carefully over
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Mendoza the wine center of Argentina its fields for miles
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The Doctor has spoken of leucorrhcea after the menopause
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arming extent. Milk and the appreciation of its qualities by taste is
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ing on quality and quantity of mother s milk and condition
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is a very constant symptom. It may affect the hands only
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morality which Educational Science has given us shou
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Should the treatment recommended fail or the urgency of the
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and stated that a meeting of the Committee with others in
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enough to work regularly has gradually lost sexual power
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tioner a North Carolinian he was has invented and taught
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The kidneys must act daily or we die. The liver must
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Alphabetical List of Members of the Medical Society of the State
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done by the proper application of paste or the X Ray. These
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would be better if we could keep to one room which would
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sustained by the unwary from the devices and pretensions of artful
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diphtheria in a family who were not able to buy anti toxine.
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we have not the slightest ground for suspecting that any sib
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passages are their habitat this is where we may look for
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Patients in Hospital In the Barrack Hospital in the we
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the wonder and admiration of all the civilized world and the
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inflamed and much swollen attended with pain along the whole
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intestinal canal for unless this be effected little or no advantage
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General Officer be appointed to do something else his services
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Abscesses pointing in scarpas triangle should never be opened
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as that may appear. Indeed if one lived beyond infancy it
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Amendments to Constitution suggested Dr. Cyrus Thompson 104
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tude so pregnant of immediate possibilities and far reaching
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its official existence that it is not altogether speculation to
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outer horn of the lobe the superior thyroid artery may be
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Propositions In establishing a General Hospital for an Army in.e
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of hemoptysis do occur in which the subjects do not sub
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not only to themselves but to the innocent wives they will
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the second winter and that under different circumstances theylid
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sggestions which will be a manual for Army sanitary
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rnor and to store and issue the supplies according to
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ner although in some instances it comes on suddenly with slighl
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English people do attend to a Secretary of State but ask
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case and it becomes more doubtful the more numerous
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produced this complaint. Upon this subject however all our
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discharges are also very irritating and often produce con
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commencement of the month although diminished as compared with
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or five grains of Dover s powder with three grains of camphor
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tuberculosis and if there is nothing else before this conjoint
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conversant with at least one language besides their own. Nearly
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ricacious than all other counteracting causes the troops
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know nothing and the lawyer very little more it is said that
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and any condition which renders immediate emptying of the
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currence of the scrofulous diathesis from the subsequent influence
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Hospitals are and perhaps must be in or near crowdc o
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Dr. Leonard P. Aaron was bom in the town of Warsaw Duplin
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the skill of the most able physician or of the most accurate
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principal nitrate port of the world inspected a hospital and
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much and the one who is careful with his sputum for both
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expression and this he has called Xerosis of the mucous
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reproach upon the profession and exemplary as a man and citizen.
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As far as can be judged without personal knowledge of the
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GeneraFs Office founded about twenty years since seas
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in full doses will also be particularly serviceable in cases of this
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s vice alone arrives at the highest executive rank. Officers.
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quickly with one per cent bichlor. sol. or other potent anti
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from it during the remainder of the menstrual intervals.
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possible form of diet for functional examination of the in
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cess in this affection. The chalybeate mineral watci s are espe
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g ater and earlier obtained than at present and at all events
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symptom of this disease. Laennec however asserts that this
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a better idea than can any verbal description of the general
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The quantity of medicines and medical comforts has been
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We do not allude of course to those times of which the
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ature of 102 O. F. pulse rapid blindness flashes of light
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must be at once suspended from duty her pay immediately
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creasing the debility or exciting permanent intestinal irritation.
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when the disease occurs in females after marriage it is during
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prevents them from being good recipients of instruc3n
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however small should be removed as soon as discovered.
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nection with a true cystitis. There is frequent and painful
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have proved serviceable. Crude mercury has been used in intus
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upon the heart of us to day the stain of professional envy
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that it is often extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to
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he had done in sanitation to be suddenly called upon to raise
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slight variety. With the plainest intentions nature ofteni
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stated malaria in its less malignant form is our most com
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will be satisfied to visit the hospitals and the medical institu
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sound reasoning and is winning a great many adherents. All
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discharged for non attendance or remained improving under
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will be less an open wound than if she assumes the sitting
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condition has been moderated by general antiphlogistics emol
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quantity and duration there was nothing irregular in the men
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adapted to cases that are attended with leucorrhoca but in such
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Nurse s hands are on the bed wear labels out. There is a
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tor I am unable to believe. If these are the true cause and
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asked therefore for the privilege of making this examina
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instances the patient experiences a considerable sense of uneasi
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the next day. Men die are discharged or undergo changes f j
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why anything tending to the comfort of the sick and wounded
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By all accounts a great deal depends upon the manner in
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placed at the highest possible spot in the boundary mountains
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their spirit never failed and the enemy though far outnumber
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A dangerous exhausting looseness which takes place towards
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si with identical duties could not be formed by the
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There are some diagnostic signs that the obstetrician may
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meeting at which their names are proposed for promotion. They shall
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t se in Civil life To these two last queries we must reply
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control over the patient has often a salubrious effect the
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of this urinary acid is independent of the quantity of azote intro
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enteric irritation it will not be prudent to allow solid food even
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rJ rs to the rules of his Science learnt at no very remote
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tory of colic and indigestion for ten years. She had had ty
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fixed the distance between the beds at six feet from centre to
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s it is there are to be two complete and different ad
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exposure among the sick was perhaps greater considerin
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Suggestions in The following suggestions toward obtaining it are offered.
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in weight in forced feeding is not an absolute sign of im

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