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natters connected with the Hospital arrangements of the Army
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becomes evident that it is far better for the sick to have larger
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desperate efforts the road had not been sufficiently repaired to
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Commissioner had no difficulty in purchasing shirts for tl
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place the backward children of the city in a special school.
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of a glassy shining and level surface when they separate are in
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It has already been intimated that time cuts very little
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The second or period of irritability persists three or four
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Large hot water tins were provided by private means
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apparatus these had were a few crocks and a little chare I
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We find this condition however more in placenta praevia
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of the metropolis of South America a cosmopolitan city
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answer will but emphasize the mother s need of the profes
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and belching of gas often cause the false impression that the
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fore retiring thus losing sleep injuring their digestion and
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are bid is one of their many fine points. The Orderlies wards
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sluggishly absorption is comparatively slow and vice versa.
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Sec. 3. A majority of the registered delegates shall constitute a
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remove these cases from the ordinary wards is very advan
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ing anything to it the first portion is crushed into a very
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I orth in recent years and I suppose in the last two years
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Appendix to Section XI p. 332. No attempt has hitherto
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ages are not sharply limited in their local effects and ultimate
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band was heard. Fife and drum were leading a procession in
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stomach or intestines arise digestants should be given to aid
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of the sick and with details of Hospital managemer..
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babies did not remain long and the end was a death certifi
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Selection to inspectorial offices should rest upon this
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male side which is in communication with the steam engine
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eases from becoming e idemic. Tt should go further and
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conspicuous amendment in the disease. Muscular debility does
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the shoulders and throat elevated head lowered thus bring
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The Director General saw Lord Eaglan before the Expedi
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bxtend to an Army in the field where the Sanitary Officer
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To sum up we have then the Statistics of Mortality in
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trouble. In some countries of Europe it is said that one
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and literatim as put into Court by a First Class Staff
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changing their volume enable them to adapt themselves easily
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to. In a small Hospital the Matron could do this herself
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The treatment j Toper for the removal of the constitutional
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most cases of appendicitis get well. But if neglected every
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trations you will see these features and doubtless will readily
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lere should he Hnen sheets and linen clothing for the men 1855.
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patients to the hospital and operate. This means an unre
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most reliable. Open air the vista broadens as we contem
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the progress of tubercles in the lungs. This article is particular
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critical case a case of life or death Can any responsibility
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due to infecting the wound with some of the cancer cells
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of repetition here only lends emphasis to a very efficient
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endeavour to further so far as it lies in my power the
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ost perfect body of Army statistics in existence although
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the medicinal powers of iodine observes as the result of his ex
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to his memory and unveiled on February i igjt the day
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a stimulus to even one general practitioner in the early
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and the gonorrhoeal matter acquires a greater consistence and
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ir day for the soldier to supply himself with vegetables and
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in early infancy. The air passages are so constructed that
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late Dr. Leidy who said that the anatomy of a hog resembles
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After Things were amended before the Battle of Inkerman
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writers regarded as one of the most frequent sources of this dis
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of blood and about one eighth of its total bulk can be drawn
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indScutari. The reserved camp equipage is not of course
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he can get about. If necessary strapping may be practiced
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up which however is but very rarely the case. When the
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duction everything must be submitted that comes within her
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square of the distance. With good ventilation it is 5t
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of lime and this is finally succeeded by the phosphates of lime
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m. It would have been better however had the Nutritive
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bt doubt also that the Andes and Colombo on their first
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medicine with Dr. Joseph HoUingsworth and graduated from the
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life and who have indulged freely in the pleasures of the table.
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bridge that is to carry the populace safely over the dark
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ing development or before develoi ment without serious in
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on the hillside where flickers the midnight lamp a beacon
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the other hand this old woman will sit around and assure the
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periods of enquiry so that what would become an amal
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and deception and that the society request them to co operate with the
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lils in the front in case of siege or during w inter quarters.
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sole causes of gynacological disease at once point the way
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water with brush and some form of soap. With no more
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Ispendencc upon and sul ordination to the Intcndance
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The affection is defined as characterized by enlargement of
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disease there is yet 80 per cent that have tuberculosis that
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blood is effused into the cellular membi ane beneath the mucous
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Conjoint Session Society with State Board of Health 62 111
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who are in any way physically weak or inefficient hen
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face of the calculus. The pain is often referred to the
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the ground not to avenge them but to have mercy o j
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men were perishiug from bad food and not to have made any
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that concerns the sanitary state of the soldier are ao
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bowels the only certain indication being the appearance of them
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with the use of some furniture sometimes an allowance of fuel
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impossible I doubt whether it can be reasonably expected
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vegetable bitters may perhaps be used with advantage. Gum
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this knowledge should not on the other hand be confine i
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of the general public and the honor of the medical profes
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Morphia hypodermically in doses from a quarter to one
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lI UBN of Articles of Bedding amp c. belonging to the Genekal and
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vre as healthy as the Civil population. The Army serving
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pected. They appear on the legs sometimes and causing
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instances dysmenorrhcca depends on a nearly impervious state
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st d at the landing place or hospital gate and took the
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use is of scarcely any value as pointing out the causes rom

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