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manding Officer of the Corps to which the man belongs for a

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marches it ought to prove of great service and in circum

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duct. Another drainage tube was anchored in the gall blad

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stump of the gall bladder and dropped still another in the

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Necessity of providing a hospital kit amp c 230 233

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neys and some common sense I do not care what the lesion

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All our remedies will however frequently fail and the system

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of stronger babes on the breasts of sounder mothers.

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At Wooiwich Artillery Hospital the cases which require

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A bakehouse would no doubt be required in every regiment

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organisms if present. But the external genitalia are always

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fail to secrete sufficient gastric juice there is usually a train

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example. I spoke figuratively and that a female would n ce

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in mation than that the Student has been present at

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keeper and the other by the non commissioned officer 3

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last lis cases have been treated without a single death while

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form. When the crust separates it exposes an ulcer of a reddish

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of the military hospital at Fort Snelling Minn. is now com

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the Surgeons with a large basket in her hand containing most

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lotions and cold applications should be resorted to where the

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And alas in January 1855 though this does not conce

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derived from Dr. Balfour showing the Aggregate Strengtlbf

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of relapse. Where the patient is not sufficiently well nour

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difficulties both ways even supposing these summons should

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south there is not the usual distraction of changing one s watch.

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satisfactory however. There are many other embalming

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Venesection should be employed for the relief of vascular

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in Dr. Murphy s paper. Those of us who are so unfortunate

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Knot Where however the system of rations must be adopted

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vc el which had been sent to that place for the purpose of

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always slow in starting. He is usually constipated. The

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powers of the following electuary. A tea spoonful is to be given

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but we find in these same General Orders Lord Raglan s

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kidneys and whatever may be the immediate cause of the func

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ground before Sebastopol. What he then advises is good so

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who would submit to the operation. I could not he says pro

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sepsis or not. In the light of my past experience I am not

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infection. When they are about declining they become paler

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tible and it is of great importance that the meals be taken at

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We can readily conceive that such a condition of the mouth of

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indicates that there are many sections which are scantily pop

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excellent results in constipation from atony of the bowels.

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Dr. Ckowell I would say that we need not attempt to

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precautions having been taken but while the sanitai

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ing has been made brush away all detritus with a brush and

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a number 7 French Catheter to the rima glottidis and the

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known where the name is not is essential to every hos

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pal records one case that had 160 convulsions. Ahlfeld had

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be le better judge and even to such matters as neatness

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far behind its time that one wonders why it was written

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nurse cannot afford to live well and abstains from disho

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seems to be more of a matter of degree than of variance in

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make one last remark on the want of discipline in Mihtai

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which are continually modifying the general habit of the body

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Bronchitis and pneumonia wdth profuse watery secretion

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in the interior. The hospital is a thoroughly up to date one

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and w ill miss the opportunity of relieving many patients who

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Heart and Its Nerves. The terminations of the Vagus

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p ctically conversant with all these subjects that the

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numerous open privies into the Corridors and wards where the

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radical. Palliative consists in giving the scrotum support

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small wards for three two or one bad cases or operation cases.

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have lived under any circumstances I answer as I have done before lat

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enlargement of the lymphatic glands and progressive anemia.

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to a proposal which had been made to use the best tents for

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sequently made its appearance and proved fatal to many both

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perfectly developed uterus dysmenorrhoea sterility etc.

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the conditions surrounding its coming are on the average not

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Camphorated Dover s powder must be used in this pre

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serum 1 500 and 1 000 were given at intervals of twenty

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Li isastrous and urgent state of afi airs if such strong

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onset frequency and severity of the paroxysms the depth

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shall before emptying its sewage into a stream used for drinking pur

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section followed by an uninterrupted convalescence and com

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Some regulation is certainly required making it the duty of

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le be a Military or Medical Officer or a Civilian be

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occrred a Medical Officer is not allowed to have more

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bleeding saline purgatives nauseating doses of tart antimony

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I have stopped far short but hope the ideas I have gathered

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recisite number to its own divisional slaughter places.

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beneficial results which often follow treatment directed to

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Discipline then being the pivot upon which the good order

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Rule for Fish either hoiled hroiled haTced or fried.

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constant attention are about 2 per cent. There are now 545

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within the jurisdiction of the Department nothing about them

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institutions and it can be had in abundance without money

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I The Serjeant in charge was merely the senior Non Com

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position of the urine in the bladder the detachment of epithe

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London Hospital where the Nurses and Assistant Nurses fo ber as she

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during the advanced periods and this fever is almost invariably

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Spotted Typhus has appeared. Huts should not be occup d

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to the forehead neck breast forearms legs and anterior part of

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the G eneral Hospitals and there is far more reason to fear that

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course of other diseases. This affection must not be confounded

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that time. Patients sliould be made useful in the wards as far

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make its way through the nose Is the oral cavity capable of

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in any of the floors of the Pavilions to be served by Nurses.

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ers and I have myself employed it with much advantage. I

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benign pathological growth more dangerous to the patient

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among the intelligent citizens of every community can ac

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Dardanelles Avholly detached in principle as well as geographically Im

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the National Society for the Study and Prevention of

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n li well skilled in book keeping accounts and copying

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I own a Craftmade ceiling fan and need new blades because the old ones (16 years old) are warped. On the blade it says “Fanthing,” and numbers 243 0

Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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