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quantity of lithic acid and by this process give great relief to

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governed solely by my own observation and experience.

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where a tumour in the neck was pronounced to be aneurismal

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Many of theses defectives are capable of doing common

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Worcester simply says it is an inflammation of the lungs.

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She was again given the opiate but with very little result.

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ical green flowers in profusion tall waving palms and

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The gain of this kind of kitchen is enormous in point of

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upon is that the patient should take the greatest amount u

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from light are found the special breeding places of tubercu

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blery nearly eradicated if not cured entirely with ease

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in good repair which the French constantly occupied

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disease hence the stress that has been laid in thescljjj

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der was then stitched to the peritoneum the usual drainage

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nized by its wooly hair bow legs straight feet and the gen

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any assistance that may be given the question is different.

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will doubtless be handed down before adjournment in the next few

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Roentgen ray. This will usually show the local cause if

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diminished one third in size in the course of a week after the

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else in the world than a better acquaintance with each other

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rect and powerfid from its contiguity to the mucous membrane

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materially to the reduction of hydropic affections more especially

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th Eemoval of dead animals from vicinity of hospitals. Tuly 11.

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said I did have a case of cholecystitis my second attack may

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The manner in which the salycilates and its derivitives in

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I went the other day down the railroad some twenty miles

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health to the most distressing rapid and fatal forms of local and

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from the rather scanty and scattered literature as well as to

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lurgeon in charge of a Eegiment must have heeu painfully

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foi odies of men deduced from practical observation contain

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ifety. In this way every single mule is made available and

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the sedative and narcotics to be used as sparingly as possible

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and of fresh milk the use of more food than the stomach can

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in persons with curvature of the spine or with contracture

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The cases of insanity resulting from toxis auto intoxica

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relatives as was attested by the large attendance at his funeral. He

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take them very well. Eggnog or egg albumen are usually

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Balsam copalva may be safely and beneficially administered in

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warned of his condition so he may avoid any severe effort

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papers are Mr. President. I don t know that I can say

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Catholic Sisters if the rule should be to decline also English

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On the men s side Thomas system or that of injecting

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at strategic reasons prevented their removal. By this

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tl man who is less immersed in the hurry of a lucrative

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lothing or rather nakedness of the Troops as to the

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remained so till death occurred about a year later in 1897.

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stricture by the judicious employment of bougies will effect a

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of course as soon as that supreme earthly misery is ascer

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of this kind to be the remote cause of the disease. These come

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rum used in twenty four hours 1 500 units more were given.

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scrofulous disposition. When the disease manifests itself in the

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causal relations. In the cerebro spinal and sympathetic gan

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where it is the rule practically disregarded the Head Nurses

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numbers in the return of total sick treated in Lord

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which splints pads amp c. amp c. are excellently arranged as at

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you can thus furnish their rooms with a few comfortable

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The animal and vegetable kingdoms both contain these

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he grounds this opinion namely the very obvious traces of

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quees and other articles was made only upon Eequisitio

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them back into the gall bladder and removed them much

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April 28 Dr. Smith sends to Military Secretary with his

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myself we shall have an Hospital Establishment that wilj

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classes and more highly developed intellectually have fewer

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we are not prophets and that our estimate of the future is

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does not feel the forewarnings of Science can indicate ith

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near three hundred pounds and consists of a complete vaginal

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Mr. Mouat reports to Major of Brigade Cavalry Division

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pamphlet and its distribution. The trouble may be with the

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T.. without any accurate account of their numbers to have b n

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of possible disaster through hemorrhage which should

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disease has assumed a chronic state it will be proper to divide

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Fna these the meat was delivered to the regiments who

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have been severe convalaria has been of most service. Strych

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Oriental is superior to either the French or the British

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Symptoms. The onset of the disease is that of an acute

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from auto intoxication and the treatment so commonly in

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stage of the disease and with palpable success. Under such a

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nuria is said to be due to blood changes. Cases where the

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lunar month. At this time premature labor should be in

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Did he also remonstrate officially with his Chief h

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nourishment of the peasantry. Its dependence however on causes

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management of the case. How long has it taken us to arrive

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differentiate from other intra abdominal attacks of pain.

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ature on the subject is very limited. In fact I could find

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ejjanating from the proper source in other words from

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I. of the Diet here proposed together with observations

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containing five to six quarts of the embalming fluid. The

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times fails but this in no way interferes with a subsequent

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famous for its packing houses established by Americans

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cics are positively contra indicated. Here you should ad

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returns for some little time after the change had taken place for

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deference not in opposition to the feelings of the n

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under medical treatment instead of being permitted to wait t

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the summer of 1854 by the Head of the Medical Depar

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food conditions are rife for a fearful spread of the disease.

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