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valuable as an anthelmintic but particularly also to remove that

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contain two rows of beds and those of the General Hosp il

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reduction before the tonic or stimulant remedies just mentioned

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follow in the wake of infection of the female pelvic organs.

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L 7. The nurses rooms should be suppHed witli plain com Furniture.

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I am by no means disposed to advocate the old doctrine that

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lecting cases for out door treatment. Air like water is sim

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Dr. M. states that no inconvenience whatever resulted from the

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assertions. If discipline mean the enforcing obedience

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sils fourth bony growths of and deviations of the septum

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nimiber of papers produced and the discussions evoked at the

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ever the sputum has been obtained after careful washing of

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also began having night sweats and some anorexia. At this

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does not immune its subject from another attack but for a

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and attention that is devoted to the children of the rich and

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one half of all multiparous patients sustain lacerations justi

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less frequently of considerable service even in these forms of

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Ether should be dispensed in four ounce bottles. I find the

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In order to be understood fully it is necessary to refer to

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transport on her passage from Ireland to New South Wales and

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demand especial consideration. From the former many pa

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decide. The most sensible measure adopted however seeing

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of adapting itself to the contour of the tender structures

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Churchill s tincture iodine when there were symptoms of

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exposure among the sick was perhaps greater considerin

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butt we are not only curing the individual but we are also

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some augmentation of the temperature of the skin and occasional

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formed his Medical Officers that there was no milk d

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Tab showing the Estimated Average Monthly Strength of the Army

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and above all quietly mended by efforts made from within them if it

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festly phlogistic. In the dropsies which occur after scarlatina

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perience however has shown that this is by no means enough.

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Ic its renovating power is greater. All Officers engaged in active service

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it takes less time after two or three days the room or ward

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could be made to believe that our methods tend to better

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things that have been said. In regard to the composition of

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Tlio Fatron must be responsible for the storing mending and

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The only conditions in which I use large doses are when

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the catamenia begin to flow moderately with little or no previous

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continental theaters museums libraries art galleries uni

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primiparous women. Probably the first and most frequent

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within the scope of the present work the general pathology and

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t iC the reports made to him Lord R. did not give such

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in weight in forced feeding is not an absolute sign of im

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When a great discovery or invention is made in machinery or me

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dijomas and other documents of civil attainment up to

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applicants where no urinalysis was required for a fee of 3. In some

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civilized world know this and are directing their efforts more

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covered by an examination of the urine. To differentiate

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above a certain time. Where the poultice is made in a mass

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received copies of the English translation of the address. A

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By it or opposite it another press for stimulants dangerous

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did the same thing in another and after several excursions

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elsewhere in the body. Dieulafoy inoculated 60 guinea pigs

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months old had diptheria the other did not have it at the

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pation findings examination of the urine and particularly

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is apt to experience nausea and occasional vomiting. All attempts

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The claim that life in the open air is all that is necessary

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puerperal fever has rather increased than decreased in the

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the tubes were tied off from uterus instead of being totally

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The victim of tuberculosis though a maimed bark on a

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hardly fit for the lighter duties of the camp scorned to bt

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In mv experience chloroform is a most valuable agent for

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how much more should it be interested in establishing hos

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because the number of cases turned over to the surgeon by

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patients but the average number in the building during it

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Purveying of Assuming that the change to a Commissariat analogct

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Among the various remedies that have been recommended as

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The requirements of Health had been disobeyed in evei

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on the diet roll against the names of the patients receivino

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le hand of the tribe of fine ladies it will be possible on

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a fact so disagTeeable as a diagnosis of this disease. While

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ment of antimony in this affection although his principal object

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of development of yellow fever and of other infectious dis

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pulse should go to 40 do not become alarmed as it is only

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court or jury. How different is the situation when those

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have found it difficult to obtain supplies of medicines an

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the most difficult to immobilize is the oblique fracture sur

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Regimental Medical Officers into Staff Officers may appe

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the home treatment of consumptives is often practically neces

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of the trouble. The patient being at this stage favorable for

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under hot applications with a nurse night and day I was

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The result of all this disparity of opinion would seem to be

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beginning with 5 drops increasing to 25 injected into the

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ti tions and the exigencies of particular cases. The courts

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and capillaries and diluted to such a degree as to pass off more

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far reaching paper as this should not go bj unheeded. The

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the nature of that in Gaston County but we have never had

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Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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