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in regard to tuberculosis Would it not be in the right di

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As the harvest of this fatal disease has just past hence I

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splendid body of students for being educated in the oldest uni

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we did in 1920 we gained a happy impression of the capital

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equable air an attention to proper clothing so as to obviate as

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ral there are more instances of prolapsus and leucorrhoea among

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Take two middling sized flounders weighing together 8 oz.

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buted to the use of injections than any other attendant of gonor

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without danger and it does seem to me that the profession

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the sanguineous system occasioning high febrile reaction and

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gations of villages and farm steadings which they dignified with

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have gone to the ISTorth and have contracted consumption and

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fessional services none of the privacies of individual or domestic life

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A group of surgeons of Lima were additional guests.

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which in March are not over full. Our train skirted hillsides

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was 7 6 the annual rate per cent on sick population was 82.

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in such weather as we have had for this last month or mor

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accepted and maae the subject of a full and free discussion extending

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find the cause. While I have not always done this yet in a

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matiou as to the possibility of similar buildings payi

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a hopeless one. We gave him the only chance he had but

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upon iDquiring a few days later we ascertained that there

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tainly have been prevented. So local were the causes of

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English horses might answer their purpose well but which are

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forts good food medical attention and sanitary protection.

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agents of whose formulae and composition they are ignorant.

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lishing a standard. Later the diet was exhibited to a series

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It would indeed be difficult to frame a system of adminis

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Sec. 6. When a physician is called to an urgent case because the

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lie Steward is not to be like the Purveyor a part of

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much gas formation toxic products or ptomaines are pro

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circumstances to do the best we can. And after having done

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ledical comforts I regret to say that the most necessary arti

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should not be required to bear this cross alone. It is the

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Dr. Ferguson Mr. President we know it is a disease of

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u Coramissariat on the opposite side of the Bosphonis.

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subscribe. It is assumed therefore as an established fact that

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the permission of the Commander in Chief obtained through the Quartc

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having a tendency to grow towards the aperture of the thorax

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companies in this matter here in this State. Some of them kept pace

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that the report be accepted without further reading and be

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sis. An instance is mentioned in the Diction des Sciences Med.

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ere was a great terror of the Head of the Medical Hepart

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to say whether the Army Medical Department has any function

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or in individuals affected with vesical calculi. It may also arise

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But ladies and gentlemen would you say that those men were dead

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which live almost exclusively on animal food which contains an

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Local applications to the region of the kidneys suchas a large

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It is important to remember the difference between lis

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for themselves without any very injurious delay considelfe

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theory has been discarded during the time that has elapsed

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these higher speculations and problematical beliefs the sci

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During the winter some amount of correspondence took

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thesia of the larynx the glottis fails to close and there is no

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Pathology doctrine of the causes and nature of diseases lately this

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The exact nature of the original condition it is impossible

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is a direct com.munication between the sewers which were

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and of the testes and to strictures in the urethra. In relation to

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their members and should be made instruments for the cultivation of

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county meetings each member seeming to enter into the

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that he had been informed by officers returning home that

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certain real improvement and noisy philanthropy being fear

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larp seizure extra Nurses both men and women are assigned

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This little volume therefore which is in the nature of a

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cularly protracted grief and despondency and sudden terror or

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known that they were exhausted during a considerabli

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being frequently irritated by improper applications and hence

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ing one or more specific organisms have been described as a

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th me as to the deficiency of the medicines yet when they

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Army it would seem and not the worst part of our worst

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the usual efficient local and general antiphlogistic measures. Un

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This at first gives rise only to a feeling of tension and weight

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indicated will undoubtedly accomplish still more encouraging

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people of average means cannot of course procure such atten

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ists in the several branches of medicine and surgery are Q

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Of a similar character is the muriate of lime an article

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by which a Nurse can at once be summoned in case of any

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open wound not only greatly facilitates the direct action of

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ter I wanted to go there under his care and if he decided

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his reneral Order making it a part of the ration only five

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Men Nurses who after his or her day s duty does the extra

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During the past year our State has not suffered from any epidemic

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strictly speaking. Hospital business but because of the extreme

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eventh days alone are materially less. It would require an

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cations of medical students. This Council has had several

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As regards the Nurses in the Bosphorus and the Crimea

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the treatment and the whole train of symptoms immediately

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reduced in health that another month in Varna so it is

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careful avoidance of the vai ious exciting causes enumerated above.

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surgeons of the seven countries of this southern continent

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I think the State ought to produce an anti toxine that would

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Tor trust worthiness is the true efficiency of a Nurse. And

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cops and the soil covered over with earth daily. Dead

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cases the consequence of plethora of the portal vessels generally

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mouth and finally upon the periosteum bones and deep seated

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dashed upon the lower part of the abdomen and perinaeum or in

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substituted. The same rule holds true in the selection of the

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On December 22 1903 he was seized with very severe pain

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approach of winter to my no small mortification and vexation I

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copen in robust and full habits together with the free application

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And why should not the husband all crushed as he was

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a little accelerated and I attended the lady for two weeks

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