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mixed Vegetables are issued 12 lbs. weight 10 small tabJ l
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Keeping these principles in view and with the help of
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as it is long. In its construction the estimate and actual
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Dr. Way suggested the easiest way to adjust the matter
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of course no reference to any opinion having been asked
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stimulating and caustic applications but often rendered much
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there is no such thing as inevitable infection. Infection acts
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wbh they were successively responsible. Consequently
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mation in regard to these diseases has been widely disseminated. The
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tional in character and may not be applicable to every county or section.
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nothing was done though imminent danger of its dim u
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I remember the Doctor told me of a young man who had
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prosecuted as a part of gross anatomy but as a part of the
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occi have buried themselves deep into the sub mucous tissues
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lecting cases for out door treatment. Air like water is sim
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our men and the heroic examples of their leaders. They offei
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swollen the left thigh is so adducted that when the child is
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spinal cord. Though the disease seemed influenced by re
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This however does not appear to be founded on correct obser
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of the whole number of urinary calculi and it has moreover been
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learning be brought to the betterment of this Society and
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ally needed. The selection of his instruments should not
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applied it consisted of a piece of double canvass laid on the bar
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The Table of Pensioners p. 255 was furnished by Dr. Balur
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by you and comfort you as you fall in your long last sleep.
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her having children should not be a bar especially if they
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his being bound by the trammels of rank or seniority.
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lieved the pain with morphine and the reflex nervous sys
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fourteen days altogether with many a life saved the sinji
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not have more cases of adenoids and obstructions of the dif
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Sec. 2. It cannot be justly expected of physicians to furnish certifi
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joints just anterior to the posterior fontanelle. When secur
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in the extremities or bones and where the mercury seems to
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October 27 Dr. Hall writes to Dr. Smith that the want of
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p cection for several days full of mud. Rations have
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stant contact with older and more intellectual people from
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a beautiful oasis city thirty miles inland at an altitude of
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as the General Superintendent of the Female Nursing
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came a gush of liquid not from the vagina but from the
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It has been proved by experience that the presencejp
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I will call your attention to the fact that it must be given
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That the duties of all Inspectors and Deputy Inspectoi s
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fall back into the abdominal cavity. The abdominal wound
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the liver. Keller Langstein Vander Bergh and a host of
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most valuable addition to the committee. Dr. Whittaker also
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characters they sometimes pass into each other so insensibly
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protected from wind and sheltered from too direct rays of the
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to collect the mules from the surrounding districts pay
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ilitary Hospitals as to the administration of medicine has
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pressed bone before the permanent establishment of the epi
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externally in the form of a liniment t rubbed into the tumour.
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i ut the fact is that the British merchants of Pera
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time during the second attack and then the rise was only
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Commanders of the Forces and Commanding Officers of Eegi
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The system of medical treatment for the Army previous to the War
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notes to the Head of the Attendance Department a re gt
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f. The great Charite Hospital the town hospital for 1 200
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uneasiness and general disturbance in the system arise from the
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II. Of the non syphilitic venereal sores and in which mercu
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Book and returned the overplus but still the Queen is robbi
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portant to add that this number would be probably estimated
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rc re of opinion after having inspected several vessels with
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Towns. above instances. And these men neither had nor cc Id
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Dr. Lott moved the advisability of the State Society meet
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follows Lay the tunica vaginalis wide open by free incision
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of Hospital mismanagement which subsequently led to such
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they discussed it among themselves and they reached the
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of even the most common means potash wood ashes amp
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special Regimental Hospital which it is supposed to carry about wi

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I own a Craftmade ceiling fan and need new blades because the old ones (16 years old) are warped. On the blade it says “Fanthing,” and numbers 243 0

Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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