Fantasia Ceiling Fan

Formed in 1985, Fantasia Ceiling Fans are credited as the pioneers of the United Kingdom market and have developed a rep for outstanding quality, service and excellent value.

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The Fantasia range of both modern and normal styles has been developed over the last twenty years and now is composed of over twenty models in eighteen finishes and seven sizes. These are enhanced by a total range of accessories such as light kits, wall lights, remote controls and wall controls. Some models have lights attached but

fantasia viper ceiling fan 300x126 Fantasia Ceiling Fan

fantasia viper ceiling fan

the majority are light flexible giving a large range of options to suit individual tastes. Fantasia fans mix huge motors with a steep blade pitch to maximise the circulation of air while making sure quiet, efficient and wobble-free operation.

This enables us to confidently supply a ten year limited guaranty on our fan motors. Our target at Fantasia Distribution Ltd is to provide both top quality products and an after sales service that's unmatched. We plan to support our purchasers by way of remarkable delivery times, consistent product quality and stock availability.

We may endeavor to stay at the avant-garde of new release development, constantly developing innovative products.

We intend to meet and then surpass our customers' expectancies. Fantasia Ceiling Fans are available nationwide from leading malls, selected independent lighting shops and electric wholesalers. For more info visit our site or contact our sales office. TECHNICAL Fantasia fans can be operated in summer for a cooling effect and reversed in winter to re-circulate warm air besieged at ceiling level.

fantasia Propeller ceiling fan 300x137 Fantasia Ceiling Fan

fantasia Propeller ceiling fan

Fantasia fan motors are of silicon steel construction with double sealed bearings, making sure long, quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation. Fantasia motor housings are of metal or wood construction. All metal surfaces are powder coated or plated and lacquered to give an abiding seal and forestall tainting. All models operate on 230 volt / fifty cycle electricity supply. The power rating of our fan motors range between sixty seventy five watts with three forward and three reverse speeds. Fan operating costs are less than running a 100w light bulb for a similar period. Installing a Fantasia fan has similarities to installing a light fitting but you may make sure that the fan blade tips are at least seven ( 18cm ) from any obstruction like a sloping roof or beam. Blades should be mounted at least 7ft six ( 2.3m ) from the floor. Ceiling fans can be installed in any room, except toilets. In conservatories or rooms with higher ceilings a drop rod and conversion kit could be needed. Wall controls and remote controls are also available. DC MOTOR The addition of the DC motor Alpha fan to our range demonstrates our dedication to developing efficient, effective fans. The Alpha's control system takes your home power supply and converts this to a low voltage supply for the windings. The 'Brushless' DC ( BLDC ) motor has permanent magnets which make a response to the varying DC signals from the control system that in turn generate the motion needed of a fan. This suggests lower heat dissipation, quieter operation and lower magnetic interference. A larger degree of speed control can be applied to DC motors and the Alpha offers six forward and 6 reverse speeds ; twice that of a standard fan. The Official Sit of  Fantasia Ceiling Fans

No items matching your keywords were found.

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