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Since Fanimation's inception in 1984, we've become a recognized leader in the bizz by making and manufacturing refreshingly cutting edge ceiling fans for a wide selection of venues.

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Fanimation Caruso Oil Rub Bronze Adjustable Dual Fan Motor Ceiling Fan FP7000OB
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $943.95
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pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $691.95
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Fanimation Extraordinaire Ceiling Fan in Satin Nickel OF110SN
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $408.45
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Fanimation 72 Edgewood Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $313.95
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Fanimation 52 Involution Oil Bronze Finish Ceiling Fan
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $303.45
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Fanimation Amber and Brown Mosaic Ceiling Fan Glass Bowl Shade G426
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $81.90
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Fanimation Palisade Ceiling Fan Monkey Accessory P48
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $80.33
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Fanimation 63 Levon Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan FP7910OB CFM 6725
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $439.95
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Fanimation Hand painted Parrot Ceiling Fan Glass Bowl Shade G439
pp Fanimation Ceiling Fans   US $81.90
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Fanimation fan founder and Head honcho , Tom Frampton, is celebrated for his creativeness and entrepreneurial spirit.

Tom commenced Fans by Fanimation in his garage, with 3 fan designs. From the start, our baseline designs have set the standard for the industry, including The Islander, featuring the first Palm Leaf Fan Blade ; The Palisade with its vertical revolution design ; and The Punkah, wearing a side-to-side, synchronized motion. The expansion of Fanimation's excellent collection of fans has been

fanimation islander ceiling fan 300x180 Fanimation Ceiling Fans

fanimation islander ceiling fan

little short of impressive. Thru the years, we've grown our collection to incorporate more than 31 fanimation outdoor fans and indoor designs.

With many fan blade, lighting, finishing and accessory options, the range of ways our fans can be customised is virtually limitless. From the cool tropical look of The Islander and The Palisade to the conventional flavour of The Americana, from the sentimental feel of The Scotch Street and The Old Havana to our surprisingly modern, single-blade fan, The Paradox , our product reflects the expansion, diversity and creativity that characterizes each Fanimation fan. At Fanimation, we are devoted to making and manufacturing top quality ceiling fans that are as functional as they're expressive.

The development of our product throughout our 25-year history reflects our most important concern the satisfaction of our clients. As you know, a fair number of our fans have highly unique blade shapes, designs and materials. These traits present unique workloads to the motors of those fans. We could just go to the factory and use an off-of-the-shelf motor and live with the motor noise and airflow results, but we choose not to.

fanimation enigma ceiling fan 300x159 Fanimation Ceiling Fans

fanimation enigma ceiling fan

A big part of our development process for any fan is coming up with the motor to best meet the requirements of the general design. We adjust anything from copper wire diameter, number of turns in the motor coils, lamination stack height, rotor skew angle and capacitors to make sure the motor is adequately designed for a given fan. Product development here at Fanimation is definitely targeted on providing unique design, but the parts of a fan the consumer doesn't see are similarly necessary to us. As well as the above product development details, Fanimation has an in depth quality control staff.

We don't outsource our quality controls ; these are all full time Fanimation workers. We have folks in the factories each day to guarantee the products that reach our patrons meet the standard of quality folks expect from Fanimation. Glaringly no company is ideal, but Fanimation invests more than any other fan company to surpass the expectancy of our shoppers. 2006 Fanimation introduces The KeokiTM, The MavrikTM and the Air ShadowTM, a fan with retractable blades that close when the fan isn't in use. They also collaborate with designer Lauren Brooks on 2 stylish fans, and create The Hubbardton Forge Series, a line of fans that counterpoint the existing Hubbardton Forge lighting line. 2005 Fanimation introduces 7 new fansThe FargoTM, The VetriccoTM, The DracoTM, The CentaurusTM, The VolareTM, The BelizeTM, The AlamosaTM, and 2 damp location fans, The TorrentoTM and The BelleriaTM, together with the Islander lighting line. 2003 Fanimation opens its new company HQ at 10983 Bennett Parkway in Zionsville, Indiana.

fanimation palisade ceiling fan 300x204 Fanimation Ceiling Fans

fanimation palisade ceiling fan

1994 Tom Frampton relocates Fanimation from its origins in California to 85th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. 1984 Thru a deal with Mr Burton, Tom Frampton leaves Casablanca with its Specialty Fan Dep. and starts Fanimation in Pasadena, California. He starts the company in his garage, with 3 unique fan designs ( PunkahTM, Palmetto and Scotch Street ). 1978 Tom Frampton's first fan design, The PunkahTM a side-to-side, synchronized fan is formed. 1973 Tom Frampton, a junior in highschool, starts working for Burton A Burton, who, by 1975, forms the Casablanca Fan Company.
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