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of the malady. If deficient and unwholesome nutriment has con

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simple diuretic article after the more powerful and esteemed re

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His duty was to have made ceaseless representations that the

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Citinues steadily to improve and altliough fevers and bowel

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passages are their habitat this is where we may look for

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ever knowing the contents of the bottle so the label says

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isolated potato cells remains of oatmeal gruel. In the sec

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dicular line in the harbor of Valparaiso. Realize that during

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cretions of the urinary phosphates. Sometimes ulcers of various

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times useful. For stimulation I use brandy and strychnine.

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nary house just like at home except that it is better. They

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acute Scurvy in some cases pure but in the majority existing as a

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reirn to College for Senior Departmental Instruction in

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stand the drug well. The best method of administration is

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with which they are most conversant are disregarded

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by Regiment and mark what the Admissions into Scutari Hospitals from

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sion a First Class Staff Surgeon is placed and his duties shou

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half hour may receive the whole of his Extras at once.

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laving been the subject of communication between Dr. Hall gtate ofArlny

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large to build and equip quarters for every insane person

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Officers. number was fixed beiore leaving home together with tt

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On referring this letter to the Principal Medical Officer

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service will be a costly and inefficient concern. Yet a laundry

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pli i as well as economy of labour is essentially necessary

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for the Hospitals had been forestalled by Dr. Smith.

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Sec. 2. A candidate for membership shall make application in writ

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would require many months to remove this cause of complaint.

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cient expulsive power to discharge its contents. This form of

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ral there are more instances of prolapsus and leucorrhoea among

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states the Commander in Chief does not think it necessary it

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the best men should be taken wherever they can befounc

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and Matron equivalent Surgeons of the Hospital and the Matron if not

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mucous membrane of the vagina as it is indicated by the appear

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l e trying to do anything for these poor disabled men

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A case is mentioned as having occurred in St. George s Hos

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he legal qualifications in Medicine as well as in Sur X.

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such that in a large Military Hospital an Assistant Ward

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the stomach and bowels from without along with the food and

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tionable. Weikard particularly recommends calatnus Richter

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at the next period or they will perhaps begin to flow sparingly

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pyramids. To the latter class belonged many able men of a

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remediate management. The cure of this disease does not de

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These results which may be taken as a type of the best

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and weakness mild aperients are sometimes important remedies

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in an erect position in a buggy. This list also contains the

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water must be applied and where the pulse is active an efficient

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Propositions to amend the Constitution may be presented in writing

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the shock thereby better enabling her to go through the

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I shall not speak of the complications as they are com

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When injury of the spine is the exciting cause of the disease

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sity of a regular attempt at stool. This will frequently overcome

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nothing could help it and I occasionally gave her morphine

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ment of this great university the only one in Peru with its

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Dan Malone September 12, 2010 at 3:07 pm

I own a Craftmade ceiling fan and need new blades because the old ones (16 years old) are warped. On the blade it says “Fanthing,” and numbers 243 0

Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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