Craftmade Ceiling Fans

Craftmade World , Inc was founded in 1985 and based in Coppell, Texas.

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pp Craftmade Ceiling Fans   US $299.99
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Craftmade TX107 FB FB 52 Flat Black Ceiling Fan
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Craftmade Rustic Outdoor Ceiling Fan Light Kit Old Iron w Light Rattan Shade
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Craftmade 54 Juna Polished Nickel Remote Ceiling Fan
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Craftmade 48 Warplanes Tiger Shark Ceiling Fan
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Craftmade ceiling fans extensive product includes twenty series and 127 models of ceiling fans and over a hundred compatible light fixtures in a selection of colours and finishes. In 1994, for the 3rd uninterrupted year, Craftmade was selected by Forbes mag as one of the "Top two hundred Best Tiny Corporations in America." And, according to Buyer Digest ( March / Apr 1996 and the 2 prior fan issues ), "Craftmade has made a reputation as one of the most trustworthy makers of ceiling fans.". The ceiling fan pictured

Craftmade Ceiling fans 300x186 Craftmade Ceiling Fans

Craftmade Ceiling fans

here is the Craftmade WarPlanes Ceiling Fan, one of our all time top selling ceiling fans for sports and children rooms. Craftmade fan company brings remarkable price to the ceiling fan market with a selection of unique styles as well as extremely simple common designes that are exceptionally well priced. All Craftmade ceiling fan blade,parts,remote,and craftmade ceiling fan light kits are made with glorious quality componants for great sturdiness. Partners Ridings and Ivins handled the firm's paper work in the front room of Ivins' studio in Dallas.

Their warehouse and distributing center was a hired nine thousand square foot storage building, operated with a work force of 3 folks. Still, in 1986, its first complete year of operations, Craftmade had sales of $1.9 million, earning the new company $50,000. In an attempt to extend their sales volume, Ridings and Ivins commenced selling their fans to lighting showroom firms and electric wholesalers.

They also started coming up with their own fans, pushing for a higher quality product to sell in a higher-margin market. Their achievement also gave them some poke with their Taiwan manufacturer, whose products they fastidiously monitored for quality. On one occasion, after receiving grouses from one of their lighting showroom purchasers, Ivins flew to Taiwan and talked the

Craftmade WarPlanes Ceiling Fan 300x119 Craftmade Ceiling Fans

Craftmade WarPlanes Ceiling Fan

maker into switching its fan housings from aluminium to steel, thus improving their screw retention capacities and making them more trustworthy. At first , Craftmade contracted the construction of all of its products instead of make them itself.

In 1986, the company entered an arrangement with Fanthing Electric Company of Taichung, Taiwan. Under its terms, formalized in writing in 1989, Fanthing agreed to turn out ceiling fans to Craftmade's directions. Later, Craftmade entered an identical agreement with Sunlit Industries, another Taiwan manufacturer. Sunlit made virtually all of Craftmade's light kits for its fans. The outsourcing of its product producing would remain a main part of Craftmade's modus operandi ; in 1990, thru a purchase, the company would also do the construction of some of its own products. Craftmade products are sold exclusively through over 1500 lighting showroom dealers who are our partners in enabling Yank houses and companies to enjoy the best ceiling fan values on the market today. These partners help guide buyers to the products which will completely complement their decorative and functional wishes. Many factors have made a contribution to the successfulness of Craftmade. But there had been one element that we suspect has been the determining one the strong effort put forth by our dedicated workers. Without them, without regard for the quality and flexibility of the products we introduce, our success would've been much tougher. With their support, we'll continue to be a pace-setter in the premium quality ceiling fan market. The official Carftmade Site

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