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The history of the Commission sent out by Dr. Andrew
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Insanity is a term not possible to define it is more of a
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The disorder attacks those only who drink of the water of the
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iron the composition of Rations. He only recommended
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beauty in their government in their extent of territory and
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seen by us had Cancer size palm of hand on sternum gland
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man s ambition and civilization s efficiency and the result is
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upon the size and chronicity of the case and inject quickly
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dent on intussusception or mechanical obstruction of the intestinal
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it absolutely positive. Whenever the chart shows a record
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employment of obstetrical instruments a large calculus located
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caprice of the patient often does more harm than good. So
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If it is consumption is not consumption the effi t of
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I ected under an order from the Quarter Master General s
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th commonest sense it is obvious that the inspections as
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in the East as exhibited in all this Correspondence and in the
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mour and often take place without any evident inflammation.
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ond or acetic acid preparation which serves to melt all fat
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second his efforts. Sappers could not be spared. They would
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very largely on authority and too often it is the case that
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decided to postpone the operation until the following morn
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OiBcer of tlie Army in the East during the first winter of tlie
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colonies together with the rate of mortality and that lt
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Ou account of the number of late comers another set.of
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of 1 000 serving in the Household Cavalry Cavalry and Infant i lu
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organ is to cut away all hair in the immediate neighborhood
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would be recorded. Under this plan immediate action s
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poor patients in the Bazaar at Constantinople why thei
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excoriations behind the ears scabby eruptions about the head and
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As regards the Nurses in the Bosphorus and the Crimea
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no peritonitis and at times I thought that the case was al
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and sends its rays of purest light to gladden burdened men.
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sions have been formed this treatment is usually successful
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inflamed and swollen and a knotted cord of inflamed lymphatic
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he pulled out a glass and expectorated in it in the street car
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lie Grand Duchess Helena and placed by her under the
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AVith regard to the mysterious imponderable indivisible
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We should be very watchful too for unsuspected delu
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incubation is from twenty to sixty days rare after three
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the poultices spread in the scullery or kitchen to avoid the
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is a state of suspended respiration due to any interference of
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and that as its direct tendency is to lessen the engorgement of the
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was black and gangrenous its walls much thickened and the
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cooking and other duties lt fec. In the 23rd Fusiliers the aver 3
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The condition of the Burial ground had also occasioned com
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formerly easy to perform should j ut the family physician
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The biology that most of us were taught said that the im
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successful removing pressure symptoms and the necessity for
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influence of Charlotte. He said that a negro woman was being tried
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and abdominal circulation in other words that there is an active
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eld degrees of British Universities and two of them had
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one of the greatest attractions of the city. At the time of the
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I wish I had it in my power to give you well clothed
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garden set aside for the use while on shore of the Marine
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fixed occasional holiday given in turn to the nurses is
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In the more malignant forms of scarlatina the symptoms
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ference with a great deal of pleasure. Our meeting was held
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from the health of the parents no hereditary taint can be pre
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t make six different records of the Diet Roll himself.
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very thin hardly strong enough to support a suture hence
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sumed to exist. Chronic inflammaf ion or habitual irritation
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medicine after medicine in the stomachs of those who requin
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intestinal worms but it may be observed that the supposition of
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the assiduous care of these women saves year by year in
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until the tube is pushed out when a smaller one can be used.
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the casualty wards of Guy s but some years ago they were
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cases the frequent inspection of Nurse and Orderlies would not
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For years to come the difficulty will be not to extend the
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or tincture of aloes will be found to possess these qualities in an
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ing. Similar instances are mentioned in the article on this
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shall be called by the President at his discretion or upon petition of
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arrangements supplemented bv Smyrna and Rcnkioi not to speak of tV
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particular danger or obstinacy. By frequent recurrence it is
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known the most serious consequences brought on by a small dose
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all these structural differences combine to make the mouth
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members of meetings officers of their election and committees of their
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stitutions. Other States are recognizing their obligation to
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This being the case in the event of failure the public would
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because upon the whole the disadvantages seem to overweigh

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