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that anemia of the centers plays the important role in the

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quarters and to the general health of the villages. All

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would seem to follow that the process of absorption must be

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clature of disease should be that used by the Regist r

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profession. Within the last century even within the memory

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which depends on atony of the stomach than any other tonic he

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dispense not however having the rank of a Commissionc

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any bad feeling and is as comfortable as he can be. These

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made by the Sanitary Commission most of which are already in

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lospital at Smyrna and afterwards carried out in that

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An early diagnosis is of prime importance in tuberculosis

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is covered with dirt coal dust or oil and sometimes with

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Dr. Gumming writes to Lord William Paulet recommending

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in peace at home in the sanitary state of fifty years o

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cases cured with drugs by brother practitioners without going

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the skin this drug is valuable in the eruptive fevers where

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they refused to allow me to use the anti toxine I would not

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Hence as the operation is done largely if not entirely in the

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True it is that the healthiest helpfulest happiest women

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simply doing his own duty and leaving other people to do theirs

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Sec. 8. When a member in good standing in a component society

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The treatment in these cases varies very materially from

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sequences of the pre existent spasm. In a late publication upon

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istic lesion of eclampsia which must therefore be looked for

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m e than 500 patients and another is preparing near

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lent part in the operations during the whole siege

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pubis with evident good effects. The application of decoctions

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tality up to the end of February reaching nearly 43 per cent.

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tend well out into the normal tissue as well as the diseased

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boiling point three times and must be stirred constantly and

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idiosyncrasy against morphine gets worse when he prescribes

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two pavilions end to end with an intervening staircase so

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serum. even in large doses is not harmful to man. It has

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results. The exact percentage of proteids carbohydrates

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Exactly on time we started over the narrow gauge road which

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and came out dead the death was accredited to the opera

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roses began to fade from her cheeks and the daily weariness to

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deformans and in the McCrae series the proportion was about

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the pathology of eclampsia and it is not the purpose of this

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miliar with all the manifestations of such a condition.

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mate should be advised for a short period and the case care

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primary disturbance or discomfort. There is no pain or

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frd a superintendent better qualified than the super

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neither necessary nor in accordance with the proper ideals

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and which were not one twentieth part of those whicl i

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here less than a week ago occurred a bad slide which carried

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after five years service or a gratuity according to circum

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small feeble and irregular there is delirum and coma the

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the bladder without affecting its body. With this intention he

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kitchen a Vienna custom might be useful. Each Nurse to

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t men of science and to the pubhc the peculiar diseases

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intestinal canal for unless this be effected little or no advantage

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be made while the patient is in a sitting posture. General agita

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scription of articles we required which I gave and further

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T ter from any part of the Hospital should be carefully

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commended as a useful remedy in this affection. I have pre

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of physicians to solicit or to receive such commissions.

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Catholic Sisters forming the Staft entirely of secular women.

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IN 1920 we met several doctors of Antofagasta among

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fluttering about the prascordia are experienced by the patient.

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a 3 oung man is capable of beginning his professional train

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involuntarily on rising or on opening the door purifies the

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that produced gall stones and I did not know it. I think

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of diarrhoea a mixed diet meets this indication better than

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adenoids second hypertrophic rhinitis third enlarged ton

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rderlies how to sweep clean air the Wards amp c. If he

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albumen. In a large majority of cases the urine rapidly be

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there is absolutely nothing of importance. Biscuit and salt

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lent Principal Medical Officer of the Turkish Contingent

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infer that the disease will be very obstinate or probably alto

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beginning with 5 drops increasing to 25 injected into the

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sition is an elastic theory that fits every case in which we

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Rete mucosum the mucous like expansion immediately under the

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five years including the year of his election shall have attended two of

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pings of snow water from Mont Blanc bronchocele is but very

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from above with the solution from a sterile bag. Making the

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changes should be advised. We need and it is practical for

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work in Cuba. Second absolute arbitrary power bestowed

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linen not properly washed or dried. Linen ought never to be

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Second District. Hertford Martin Pitt Bertie Beaufort Lenoir

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large window which opens into the external air and thus

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rassing affection. It may occur at every period during the men

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cury the utmost caution is necessary to prevent a general mer

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plete menstruation for two three or four periods in succession

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in extricating it. Surrounding this invagination the marks of

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particularly acquainted with the various immediate causes of uri

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I sources of the mortality in Hospital. None of these will be Returns.

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with reference to their treatment in Hospital I make no

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said in his paper yet this is a subject of so much importance

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whh maintains respiration and the other repairs the waste

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Tor two months improvement was noticed but after that her

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joint is wrapped in cotton batting and if desired a splint

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tropics itself a force dominated by intelligence to succeed over

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through training ex Derience and skill may be so grouped and

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thee if thy right eye offend thee pluck it out and cast it

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