Victorian Ceiling Fan

Victorian ceiling fans are fancy, so they'll have more baroque details on the motor surrounding and blade holders than other ceiling fan styles.

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Casablanca 54 Victorian Oil Rubbed Bronze Intelli Touch Ceiling Fan 6373Z
pp Victorian Ceiling Fan   US $699.00

The better quality victorian style fans will be made of cast zinc, which is light weight yet is capable of being cast with extensive detail. The antique finishes that are applied to the more baroque ceiling fans will highlight the complex details giving them a more chic appearance.Featuring complex and stylish designs that call to mind the grandeur of the Victorian age, these ceiling fans can stir up a striking atmosphere in a room and

Victorian Ceiling Fan Victorian Ceiling Fan

Victorian Ceiling Fan

can raise the attraction of a room a few notches higher.

Due to this, plenty of house owners wish to add a certain charm to their houses by employing Victorian ceiling fans.Victorian fashion comprises the diverse fashions and trends in Brit culture that appeared and grew in province across the Victorian age and the reign of Victoria, a period which would last from June 1837 to Jan 1901. Covering almost 2/3rds of the 19th century, the 63 year reign would see countless changes in fashion. These changes would include, but not be restricted to, changes in clothing, design, literature, and the ornamental and visible arts.Study a Victorian-style interior, and you may come to the opinion that it tends toward the frilly and female. Patterns, which regularly include floral designs, are used heavily. With a great quantity of detailed and small complex carving.

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