Traditional Ceiling Fan

The Traditional Ceiling Fan Class has the widest range of all ceiling fan styles. What one would think of as a standard style ceiling fan is definitely up for interpretation.

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Hunter 28656 Antique Pewter Traditional Classic Four Light Ceiling Fan
pp Traditional Ceiling Fan   US $38.64

This class is just about a catch-all for ceiling fans that don't have a definative style. For the main part, Traditional ceiling fans are just about what ceiling fans have looked like for over a hundred years...up till about ten years back.

Though lots of the original normal style ceiling fans may have luxurious details in their design, we chose to put the fancy standard style fans in their own class of Victorian / Fancy. We reserved the faster less detailed models. For the main part, the standard style

westinghouse ceiling fans Traditional Ceiling Fan

Traditional Ceiling Fan

ceiling fans will have four or five blades, a simple non-descript body style, and the power to add a single light fixture, or a four or five arm light fixture with glass shades.These designs share in the conventional period of home decoration which uncovers classical design elements, real art glass, and natural metal finishes. With unique mix of form, function, and design, these ceiling fan collections will surly add the conventional skill desired, while offering outstanding comfort in winter and summer months.

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