Large Ceiling Fans

Large outsized ceiling fans with sixty in., 72 in., and 80 in. blade spans.

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pp Large Ceiling Fans   US $74.99
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Hilo Large Bronze and Elm 5 Blade Ceiling Fan
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22459 Astoria 52 inch New Bronze Large Room Ceiling Fan
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807166 Pros Best 52 New Bronze Large Ceiling Fan
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807105 Pros Best 52 White Large Ceiling Fan
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763334 Vista 52 Brushed Nickel Large Room Ceiling Fan
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628394 Studio Series 52 White Large Room Ceiling Fan
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Need a ceiling fan for an exceedingly large room? Here's where you may find giant diameter ceiling fans with sixty in., 72 in. and eighty inch blade spans. These enormous outsized ceiling fans are good for huge rooms or rooms with high ceilings where you need a single ceiling fan that proportionally makes a statement in the room. Bear in mind that the bigger the blade span, the slower the blades will spin just do to the weight and size of the blades. So a 72 in. or eighty in. diameter fan may not move as much air as a sixty in. or smaller ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan size to the room1 Large Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan size to the room

Usually , we'd endorse using 2  52 in. ceiling fans in a bigger room, but some rooms just cry out for something on a grand scale, so the quantity of air movement could be compromised to acheived more ornamental impact. When purchasing large ceiling fans, it is especially necessary to first check that your ceiling light fitting box was built to bear the weight of such a fan. You can and should double check with the instructions that come in the fan packing to determine that your outlet box is indeed rated to hold keen on that weight. Installation of a massive fan truly is increasingly simple, thanks to inventions in installation technology. In truth, even though it is always less complicated to install a fan with someone else to help, you could even realize that you can safely do it yourself ( again, consult and implement the instructions regarding this ).

fantasia viper ceiling fan1 300x126 Large Ceiling Fans

fantasia large ceiling fan

Great Rooms are the warmest, most inviting room of the house. The choice of the right ceiling fan for this area will set the stage as well as add comfort and style to your house. Great rooms need bigger fans. Select from or selection for 56'' to 72'' ceiling fans for a friendly breeze. Do not forget to select the correct downrod length and sloped ceiling adapter to reassure correct hanging of this fixture.

Enormous Rooms 15' x 15'  plus++  can be simply styled by choice of the right ceiling fan.Select from our choice of 52'' to 56'' ceiling fans that may help give a cooling breeze.

Some of our choices

One : Hunter Grand Vista at seventy inches As the name suggests, the Hunter Grand Vista is a grand choice, with an extraordinary seventy fan blade size. This is one of the most trustworthy and likeable large ceiling fans in the market, and for lots of reasons, the 1st being just because of its Hunter name. The second is that the 70-inch blade size isn't particularly easy to come by, so if you're searching for a big fan this size, then you definitely need the Grand Vista.

Hunter Grand Vista fan 300x111 Large Ceiling Fans

Hunter Grand Vista fan

Tow :  Monte Carlo Birch Meadow at 66 inches Monte Carlo's Birch Meadow lives up to expectancies with its 5 66-inch fan blades. The blades come in birch bark while the motor is completed in Roman bronze. This ceiling fan is a great buy, and not only as it is from Monte Carlo. The stylish and classic look of the Birch Meadow makes it an ornamental piece for high-ceilinged rooms and even for open spaces. The Birch Meadow has a dynamic 212mm x 5mm torque-induction motor that will power up the 66-inch long fan blades for great air movement. The motor and blades, though huge in size, have been optimized for a balanced and wobble-free performance. The Birch Meadow is, on the final, classic and cushty.

Three :  Hunter Fellini at 72 inches is a extra large ceiling fans. Then there's the Hunter Fellini at an enormous 72 inches, making it one of the biggest models in the big fans market. The huge fan gets power from a 188mm x 20mm Spinner motor with a life-time guaranty. The 72-inch blade span is created possible by 5 robust hand carved wood blades in walnut banana leaf design. The Hunter Fellini ships with a hand held RC with 3 fan speeds and a light dimming feature. You can fit a light kit to the Fellini, but the light kit needs to be purchased separately. But even at $438, this 72-inch model is actually worth the buy.

If you are searching for a large industrial ceiling fans Pleas go to are industrial fan section

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