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Casablanca ceiling fans are renowned for their fine quality and design. The company was set up in 1974 by Burton A Burton. By the late seventies, Casablanca was represented across the USA by over 1,000 lighting showroom and ceiling fan specialty stores.

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Casablanca Ceiling Fan Remote Control Model W 505
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CASABLANCA 56 Ceiling Fan Tuscan Sunset 5 Reversible Blades HR P2G63H
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Casablanca 54 Ceiling Fan Stealth Copper 3232Z
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NEW IN BOX Casablanca Hermosa Ceiling Fan
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CASABLANCA 54 Ceiling Fan Brushed Cocoa 5 Reclaimed Anti Blades HR C34G546M
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Casablanca 50 Panama Damp Snow White Outdoor Ceiling Fan 66D11G
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To be a leader one must always originate and not merely imitate. Seizing the drive, Casablanca set an enduring case law by creating the Industry''s premier in-house design and engineering team.

Their exclusive mission is to form original and authentic fans of the best quality. New concepts appear from many sources ; a page from history, an art exhibition, and travels to remote lands. Casablanca''s designers search everywhere for new inspirations,

casablanca stealth ceiling fan 300x143 Casablanca Ceiling Fan

casablanca stealth ceiling fan

exposing treasures from earlier times and charting new trends in decor.

Casablanca Ceiling Fan Company is recognized by many as the "Top of the Line" when it comes to ceiling fans. Their relentless effort to supply the very best quality ceiling fans that cash can by is only overreached by their capability to make trend setting original designs and authentic period precise styles that provide the last touch to a well decorated room. Flip thru the pages of a Casablanca catalogue, and particular things become clear : Casablanca fans are made with exceptional quality.

This is as each Casablanca product is a mirrored image of the people that have made it. From founder Burton A Burton to our customer service team, the Casablanca brand has been formed by the zeal, creativeness, and dedication of the personalities behind it. The history of the Casablanca brand is as mythical and colourful as the products themselves.

casablanca panama ceiling fans 300x136 Casablanca Ceiling Fan

casablanca panama ceiling fans

It began in 1974, when businessman Burton A Burton first entered the U.

S. ceiling fan market with a belt-driven ceiling fan made for commercial use. Expansion in the client ceiling fan market, excited by the energy crisis of the mid 1970s, shortly led the Casablanca Fan Company into the home market.

Here the brand's product creativity, remarkable quality, and characteristic ornamental designs, coupled with unique promoting, trade and shopper promotions, and noteworthy advertising, quickly established Casablanca as a number one manufacturer of premium customer products.

Today, Casablanca stands alone in its approach to never-ending design, engineering, and producing of ceiling fans. Each detail of each fan is given meticulous attention and embodies our long term dedication to quality. Made from the very best quality parts, each Casablanca fan is intended to be a classic fixture in the home that provides beauty and comfort day in and day out, year by year. The Official site Casablanca Ceiling Fans

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