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umerous students have passed through the ward floors occa
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f his fitness as its executive head. Let him have under
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the heated toxic blood and temporarily diminish further
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longitudinally all round into wards and corridors the wai
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well adapted as an alterative in scrofulous affections. I have
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the influence of the opium and on the evening of the third day
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view with the President was to discuss with him the proposed
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were treating him for something else. This is a very im
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we are successful in relieving the asphyxia. Eclampsia and
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There was only one course to pursue now and that was to
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ever that its usefulness is chiefly confined to that form of urinary
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This was still more the case in the French Hospitals
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us through a superbly equipped dental school. This institution
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posal and the difficulties of transportation made it impossible
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Treatment. Prophylactic treatment is most important.
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haustion of the patient at a critical period or favoring the
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to the trenches or retired to his tent if not on sentry
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It is well known that the Medical vStafF exerted itself ti
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ance with the well known physiological laws that govern ani
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he leaves his 2 gt atient with an unrepaired laceration. The
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get knocked up before his time. And this it is part of his
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th the duties now performed bv that grade have been Regimental
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The air of every ward becomes more or less impure during
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the future for none can deny that it is better to save lives
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Reports are made generally by Medical Officers on each other and i
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a sacred trust is inclined more and more to medical pessi
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range of people who are not able to pay for it. When you
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ing him to indent on Mr. Tucker for wliat Boards and Tressels
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butt we are not only curing the individual but we are also
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jected with its bodily weight of sea water without harm.
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The General Meeting of the Society resumed at 8 15 p. m.
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To prevent as far as human means can do so the Need of
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three days of the week. Take proper advice as to whether this
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c spools in fact through which the wind blew sewer air
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Artola professor of syphilis and skin diseases surgeon to Bella
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the making of it. Structures and relations are impressed
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Grades State Board Medical Examiners individual applicants 143
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to undergo an operation. Having been so much weakened and depleted
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was picked up with haemostatic forceps and tied with good
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excrescences from the internal surface of the bladder amp c. These
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with the Commissariat. Thus the Commissariat make te
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floor after the visitors are gone and to clean it as usual
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taken as guides in prognosis. General considerations are of
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sionally and especially in the morning real freshness is never
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way but have pulled them all through since using the serum.
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almost any other disease. Above all it is necessary that the
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cics are positively contra indicated. Here you should ad
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persistent admixture of blood with sputum or the occurrence
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indurated. Scabby eru tions appear on different parts of the sur
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a part. Most assuredly Dr. Dewees will not contend that the
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of forty three cases treated chiefly with this remedy thirty three
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lent Principal Medical Officer of the Turkish Contingent
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teur declared some years ago It is in the power of man to
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is another remedy which has been said to possess very useful
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cell very strong hooks to hang up and air a little gowns taken
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Symptoms. The symptoms of stone in the bladder are
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a ration utterly useless. No transport. Our ambulance has
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foi odies of men deduced from practical observation contain
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to the 17th November 1854 showing from what Quarter they w lt
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But some one has said that God always takes care of chil
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cance of the air passages in the act of respiration. They are
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who still believe it to be due to nonneutralized acid products
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exhibiting fungoid mycosis before treatment and the other
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the first and essential consideration is an upper respiratory
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Chileans I said Chileans are the Yankees of South America
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out the whole of the trying period then why trying.
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dition of the parts before an attempt is made to draw off the
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One of the most valuable recent additions to anatomical
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occasions of her entering and leaving the Hospital. The one
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bonds are to loose consciences and if the promulgation of the
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is less danger of wounding the recurrent nerve when the
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from the disease they cause they are both insidious and ap
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the would thereby be increased. Too few boons already
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possess. What hope for the Army after this He might
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Take some of the scrag or inferior trimmings of lamb horn
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abdomen full of pus and the patient beyond hope. This
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temperate use of spirituous liquors amp c. may all give rise to the
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best thing he ever tried to increase the flow of milk. Two
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a Greneral Hospital where the whole system of nursing would
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fereut she is not fixed to a great ward of patients and
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reasons might render it very undesu able to give the Nurses
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sputum had been allowed to dry because the sun and atmos
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patients he had no sufficient incitement either to prode
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ciJible that it should be necessary at the present day to
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in which the soldiers of the depot and soldiers wives are qmi
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ent blessings of this civilization. These historical illustra
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yocj ere Assistant Surgeon I was Acting Surgeon in charge of the
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condition. And finally that household remedy bi carbonate
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familiar drugs without being able to procure them. My re
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Hospital. I conclude the Matron to have no cognizance of the
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Av ill therefore make perpetual and impeding mistakes in
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in a peculiar manner sinking clown in the middle and breaking
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t would have seemed as though the remedy would have
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can certainly not be applied to many of the Army Hospitals
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tion particularly that of gout myalgia lumbago and neu
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for a large proportion of the chronic disease among us apart
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Kegulations. a Regulations and that ample sanitary recommendatas
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parts of the cellular tissue under the membranes and sometimes
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most other diseases no specifics bromide the coal tar deriva

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