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i h fear of its bringing on them the censure of their

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to cry out contagion and call for the establislimont of

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diums the results of their experiments in order that they

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As to the treatment of toxaemia secure prompt and vigor

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from the direct effect of palhdism. In persons over fifty

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is much opposed to the free operation of diuretic remedies and

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fluid over the surface of the entire serous sack. The ansees

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greater or less extent with additional remedies adapted to the

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surgeon who since he has no license to practice in Chile

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should be the elevation of medical standards the promotion

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lowing and on looking into the fauces the entire cavity exhibits

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facetiously reversing the compliment by calling our complacent

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i Dr. Anderson represents to Major Wood that sickness in December 7.

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noticed that it gave this resistance to the vulva externally.

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to be pernicious being convinced that it is both much wiser and

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exclusively to the defects usually classed under that desigi

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or equivalent before calling in the superior Military or the

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Employees of the government are cared for in the wards free

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only at the margins can the disease be readily recognized.

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ig knife and the Materia Medica the Duke of Wellington

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faowledge of what may be necessary for protecting health

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escaj e this her convalescence is usually retarded and ulti

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In violent instances of the disease there is a constant aching pain

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Clk and that competent persons be appointed to discharge those

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Want of specialties in the Purveyor s department.. 173 175

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orations as delineated in the appended programme. How

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killed to the Troops. Goats were thus constantly substi

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aid of the abdominal muscles to overcome the ordinary power

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tion that this process is in such cases morbidly diminished even

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used in the Crimea after the mud had ceased to be a

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Club with Surgeon General Adriasola as our host. In ten

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or even remonstrances will give satisfaction not offense if they be tact

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marked this condition lasted for about a fortnight when the

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every ten years service I think it would well answer t

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it. The studious the sedentary the indolent and all whose oc

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repeated attacks of Eustachian catarrh which was looked

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the violence of the symptoms. Active purgatives are apt to prove

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Balaklava were could not be absent from his post for a

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iug him that the Jason Steamer had brought her freight up

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w venture to be very troublesome about defects in the

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in health which followed. At that date the deaths on cases

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gulations of the Service is only two feet between the ha

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masses of rock piled on each other tier upon tier and of such

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found that we got much better results and our patients who

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favors a slight descensus of the kidney and when it has once

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to be forgiven a simple song of purest faith and love. Slowly

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ect. No uniform system appears to have been adopted.

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be satisfactorily done by a woman. And when done by

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the use of the anti diphtheritic serum in cropuus laryngitis is

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Secondary or constitutional symptoms sometimes succeed or

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some leucorrhoeal discharge from the anus recourse may be had

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At this time the bladder wall was so much inflamed the fistula

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feces are expelled the pain increases more or less rapidly until

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Otherwise we hear no more about it. And there is nothing

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ought to record their cases and report through the usual me

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more or less tinged yellow showing that the function of the

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be overestimated. For instance take a posterior face case.

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to quench the first little blaze in the building and a com

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entitled to a certain proportion of the pension allowed in the

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eaten for want of water to cook it the men not being able

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readily assimilated sufficient refreshing sleep and rest to

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go to Guayaquil Ecuador to do the very job that he wished

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the disease gains violence and draws towards the fatal termination

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leat to engender disease or at least to favour its development

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Fig. 16. A local tubercular wart followed by necrosis of

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th time sheets were not at least such as could be used.

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employment of obstetrical instruments a large calculus located

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treat that. Then he applied to the quack because he didn t

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cicuta. When the violence of the inflammation and the active

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A maximum might be fixed beyond which the wages should

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Eoster Officers State Medical Society Places of Meetings Members

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end of the year were for venereal diseases. How often have

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tation it caused in the mucous membrane of the bowels. It must

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to be on bed tickets. If however the officers consider it

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The real annual Mortality per cent of the Foot Gusls

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Section 1. The House of Delegates shall meet annually at the time

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which will never I conclude be afflicted with gentlemen

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were becoming daily worse for the sewers were getting more

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ing the constitution from the secondary symptoms but when the

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tm to write and encourage confidential reports against it.

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