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portion of 6 to 100 men including Non Commissioned Officers. j

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cing on the march it is imperative to remove the sick how

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and also that stone fruit be prohibited. Eeports same date

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time excited great fears and prejudices against the use of

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brick red colour consists like the former variety of the lithate

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A good proportion for a ward of 20 patients wouk be

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interchangeable. The theory of the ubiquity of the tubercle

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Bright s disease in any of its forms is of rare occurrence

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population and perhaps with less wealth has twice as many

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here and there a two story red roofed screened in government

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ize the physicians of two or more counties into societies to be designated

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chair. The program of Tuesday evening the Symposium

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conditions were becoming daily worse for the sewers wei

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however can not be given hyperdermically if dropsy is

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the importance of fresh air in this disease no one disputes

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s uld have the power of selecting his representatives.

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and never saw the Nurse food or drink that was administerd to the

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own office let it be attempted to secure the permanent

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The only medical college in Peru is a department of the national

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proper attention are practically left to shift fox themselves.

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with a third or fourth part of the citrine ointment. During the

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the epigastrium are almost the only approi riate remedies. If the

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vc el which had been sent to that place for the purpose of

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the application be made only Avhen the limb and bones are

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sued at home expressly on account of our embarkation for

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whom are you indebted for accomplishing these things Is

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be the most effectual means we have for the cure of the paralysis

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being the coolest in summer and the warmest in winter. In

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Have faith in God take milk and eggs and keep out of

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great and even dangerous prostration and distress without any

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perfect and unchangeable and that every human soul in its

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tation would be fatal to all. No increase of pay will ra

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Shasta which although only one half its height has the

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nodviles of cancerous tissue may be left in the stumps of these

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iLet us see what sanitary experience teaches as to the

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ap inted on account of efficiency and not of inefficiency.

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under penalty reporting all cases of tuberculosis to the health

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a model of cleanliness and beauty. After driving about the

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hi the Admiral refused to send one for the pressing

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the great mistake of giving a Nurse too little to do.

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than the instant forfeiture of all claim to the eventual pension

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longitudinally all round into wards and corridors the wai

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drachm of this acid is to be dissolved in two drachms of distilled

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to treat in those three years I have given creosote. The only

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used the compound decoction of sarsaparilla and the three last

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were begun is most striking and it falls eventually to less than

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jisked scientific advice or if this has been asked and given

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as in other diseases there are but few typical cases. Fever

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J extra diet kitchens and none existed previous to Miss

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The tests of health which the recruit has to und go

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deed. I am satisfied that I have seen a great many cases of

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s ting composed of some of the best men of the country

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disease and the curability of the case depends upon properly

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recent years no organization of physicians and no individ

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diphtheria in a family who were not able to buy anti toxine.

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of tuberculosis as regarded by the medical world in the light

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operations hundreds of times has gained skill from his experience and

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matter Dr. Alfred Friedlander in a most excellent paper

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abscess acquires an indolent and unfavourable character which

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of pure tuberculosis is good and the prognosis of all other

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to liave some efficient though not infallible security as to

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to the care of a druggist or an instrument dealer. A badly

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washing at an earlier period. We must add that we hear

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where little or no uneasiness is experienced in the abdomen or

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XI. The flooring so prepared or re prepared ouglit on an

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nor so permanent as in the other varieties the pulse is

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they are awarded as much through the fact that the patients

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fluence of opiates over the entire thoracic and abdominal

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asylum as anybody. 1 think that we ought to take that into

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your advice. There has never been a time in the history of

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The longer the duration and older the patient the more

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bour about a mile to drain the ground to secure the heth

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being subdued as it is wont to be when the uterine secretory

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The first few attacks I don t recall that I had any symptom

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The central and sympathetic nervous systems have been ex

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Sometimes the ulcers formed by suppurated buboes become

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especially calculated to predispose to the occurrence of this dis

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of the same. ISTo tuberculosis was found in any of those from

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the practice of medicine and who know as little about such

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laries upon which abdominal dropsy depends. Tlie efficacy of

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swellings is sometimes attended with a manifest melioration of

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J extra diet kitchens and none existed previous to Miss

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ne continuously his bottle is ordered to be sent to the

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at the Botanical Gardens and it was an affair that emphasized

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ake time to see how things work what is found to answer

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cooking and other duties lt fec. In the 23rd Fusiliers the aver 3

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recommended for the use of this affection and some interesting

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weather. Shoes sent out bad. Symptoms of Scurvy have

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Dr. Hall writes to Dr. Smith and is happy to inform him

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other hand adverse conditions are imposed as they fre

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dividuals gradually diminishes as age advances and this insen

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great importance that the quantity of food taken at each meal

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dut amp c. and the inspection of sick ships at arrival ai

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should be first vaginal and then intra uterins through a

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posed that when the bladder at last gives way and pours out its

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apartment at Varna and that he would represent to him that

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Warm days and cool nights are a very frequent cause or

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of vigour advantage may be obtained from e 6 m o but this

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from time to time appeared by his policemen for the re

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at the time of the last war between Peru and Chile. He has

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were outbreaks of cholera and fever both in the shipjQg

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excepting by having one Watcher in each ward where there is

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When buboes of this kind occur in persons of a languid and

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imed. In the event of a vacancy occurring on service

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i 4. In taking possession of a town the Medical Officer of each

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that their family physician should perform it. even though


sphincter yields to the instinctive effort to void the urine.

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Europe have led to the popular belief above started and it

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as the inherited resisting power of the individual are al

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W. R. Pryor writing on latent gonorrhea in women says

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along more and more slowly and we lost more and more time.

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I own a Craftmade ceiling fan and need new blades because the old ones (16 years old) are warped. On the blade it says “Fanthing,” and numbers 243 0

Where can i get a replacement? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Zip code 53705. Thank you.

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