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ccumstances which led to the appointment of the Sanitary fficer
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operation when there are extensive inguinal enlargements.
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affections there are several other articles highly worthy of atten
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ture which once seen can never be forgotten. Anaemia is a
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of the rectum from haemorrhoids particular attention should of
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ly employed and relied on in the treatment of dropsy. The kid
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In these days when by scientific analysis and by practic
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and we thank Thee for all the treasures of wisdom which Thou hast
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ology has been gained behind barred doors the wonder is that
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of this afiection. Schenk relates a fatal case which was caused
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are chiefly in fault and that these favoured perhaps by the
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pregnancy. A similar experience of mine led me to that
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ing and tenderness of the joints of the lower dorsal and lum
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more economical was changed and instead of the purveyor
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the casualty wards of Guy s but some years ago they were
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which consists in the secretion of a large portion of lithic acid
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then admitted into the Pennsylvania Hospital and underwent
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of all mental labour and why kept as much as possible to
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their front and from each flank there come the roar and crash
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keep the Books and Accounts see the instructions c the
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tiago. The school compares favorably with medical schools in
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frin October 185 i till July 1855. Nay even in that
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digging the canal and that it would cost 375 000 000. The
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mouth breathing with an amount of obstruction with which
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sudden disease of which Cholera was the most frequent the
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their discussion of this paper and I wish to reply to a few
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is called more commonly the sanatorium method. To this
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prehension of the anesthetic the nature of the operation at
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powers of the following electuary. A tea spoonful is to be given
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allow the Clinical Section to be divided into two sets
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if there is any discharge from the nares. If this were done
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ouses. In huts the proportion of window space to cubic
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that 5 000 gallons of lime juice had been directed to be sent
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III. It will enable the Matron to stop all nonsensical pru
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of blindness and 50 per cent of sterility are due primarily
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greatly distended. Indeed cases sometimes occur in which the
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signed to the Commissary General in the Crimea. There is
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colour and which nothing could improve but being lime washed
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I Medical Officer with their Quarterly Store Accounts up to the
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ejjanating from the proper source in other words from
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The Director General never made any Sanitary suggestions
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vantages with reference to Hospital nursing to take their share
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changes produced in the food stuffs in the alimentary canal by
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slow in its progress. The excavated and circumscribed state of
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syphilitic chancre appear first upon the skin the throat and
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cessfully for 36 hours with Tr. Veratum not ISTorwood s.
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more easily introduced into the bladder and with much less
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of extravasated blood on the inferior extremities and foul and
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the general health and physical development of childreiL
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other remedies had been ineffectually used was speedily cured
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There has never been a remedy introduced that has been
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bne two or three experienced army surgeons had better
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though loaded with serum is pale and crude and rather abundant
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gastralga. That pain was never during my whole time of
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if left to itself to terminate spontaneously. At first as has al
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These preliminary enquiries were in the highest degree
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cure this malady it is not quite so intractable as Cullen was led
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m al result inasmuch as he may have no voice in the
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f r share of the best men who devote themselves to the
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altitude or different soil as contrasted with the more alluvial
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Improvements It is notorious that neither the knowledoje nor t
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these poor fellows are we know and need not discuss. They
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The observations made above in relation to the propriety of
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tube. M. Corbin has related a case in which there was copious
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tt ir respective posts or would be so near the usual period
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broken rock that some volcanic convulsion had tossed into
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i tructions on the sanitary part so that the Commission was
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to military authorities no sanitary memoranda to medil
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The statement of StafF Surgeon Eoberts 4th Division thi
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abandoned on account of a stroke of apoplexy. Patient has
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s ting of a Sanitary authority and an Engineer Officer
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in a few instances brought them away in great quantities by in
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cubic space for each Patient is under 500 feet. The s
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cure implanted on a rock deep sunk in toils and battered by
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morbid condition of the urinary organs. Opium according to
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exclusively to the defects usually classed under that desigi
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In my opinion croton oil and calomel stand first in the
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have been intelligently considered. Not till the 3rd August
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We think that the consequence of this practice may be observ
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even prove injurious under the most careful management. Mr.
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Dur General Hospitals have always been shambles for
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morning and would if he or she opened instead of shutting
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under the eschar produced by the caustic and corrodes the parts
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cases of jaundice the yellow colour is not confined to the skin
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the parts. It is sometimes difficult to prevent lateral motion
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of about ten beds each several small wards of two and one bed
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surrounding the urethra in the lower angle of the wound only
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facetiously reversing the compliment by calling our complacent
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