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Long before there had been air conditioning, or maybe widespread use of electricity, people around the planet counted on Hunter ceiling fans for cool comfort.

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HUNTER 60 Large Ceiling Fan With Light Fixture Bronze HR 28642
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The dad and s0n team of John and James Hunter created their first ceiling fan in 1886. Later models were among the 1st products to use electricity.

Shortly , Hunter was shipping fans thru the US, and to distant places such as Africa, India and the Far East. Today, Hunter mixes this heritage of 19th-century expertise with 21st-century design and creativity to make ceiling fans of unrivaled quality, style and quiet performance.

Hunter makes sure all of their other home comfort products - air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats, conveyable fans, and bath exhaust fans - are as trouble free on the inside as they're pretty on the outside - just like each Hunter ceiling fan since 1886. In those

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Hunter Fans

days, folk were fortunate to have electricity at all, not to mention the air conditioning we take for granted today. That is where the inventions of John and James Hunter came in. This dad and son team built the 1st water-driven ceiling fan in upstate the Big Apple, a technical discovery for the time. Little do the Hunters know their little manufacturing business would grow into a world famous brand that would set the world standard for quality, beauty, and precision expertise in the ceiling-fan industry.

Shortly Hunter was shipping these rough fans with hand-weighted and balanced hunter ceiling fans blades all across the land as well as by the load to India, the Far East, and Africa. Just seventeen years on, a Hunter ceiling fan became one of the first products ever to run on electricity. Today, Hunter mixes this 19th century artfulness with 21st century design and technology to form fans of unrivaled quality, style, and whisper-quiet performance. Fans that are as tricky on the inside as they're lovely on the outside. Fans that John and James Hunter would still be pleased with more than 120 years after. Since 1886, the Hunter Fan Company has pioneered new and smarter paths to clean, circulate, and condition the air in your house. Today, they

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hunter outdoor ceiling fans

provide a new collection of products that continues there heritage of excellencequiet, gorgeous, and built to last a whole life. With styles starting from classic to modern, Hunter products are built to work beautifully in today's houses. They use the best materials to form classy designs that may add beauty to any room.

Hunter Douglas ceiling fans products are designed with fast, simple installation and upkeep in mind.

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steve silva January 21, 2011 at 11:33 am

I have a harbor breeze fan mod#M-48-3B/3L and have lost one of the rings that hold in the light bulb! where/how can i get a replacement part thank you

Steven March 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm

I purchase a Hambor bay windward ceiling fan sku 82392 55296 and no one sale a downrod that will fit this fan. None has the ground screw or the one that fit in the mounting ball, or the smooth ends. Can you Please tell me of a web site that sale them?

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